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Imogen was not blind to those perfections which every mouth conspired to praise. Her heart was not cold and unimpassioned; she could not see these perfections, united with youth and personal beauty, without being attracted. The accents of Edwin were music to her ear. The tale that Edwin told, interested her twice as much as what she heard from vulgar lips.

Papa would let me wait a minute." "Of course, you poor little weak thing! I'll take them off for you and put them away too; and you need hardly more," Lulu said, hastily throwing off her own coat and hat. Then kneeling on the rug beside her sister, she began undoing the fastenings of her coat. "Dear Lu, you're just as good to me as can be!" sighed Grace in tender, grateful accents.

"But would not Friend Nurse and thy wife be left unprotected while ye were away?" questioned Peggy in troubled accents. "Now, Peggy, don't wherrit over that," spoke Nurse Johnson. "The first thing to attend to is getting you girls home. I should never have another minute's peace if anything befell you.

Awe- struck and open-mouthed we listened while the lady prayed in sonorous accents, for many things which I do not now remember, and finally for my father and mother and for both of us shortly afterwards she rose, blew out the light and got into bed. Every word that she said had confirmed our worst apprehensions; it was just what we had been taught to say ourselves.

A poor word!" objected Captain Bonnet, his accents severe but the bold eyes twinkling. "We are loyal servants of the King, sworn to do mischief to his lawful enemies, to wit, all ships and sailors of Spain. For such a young gentleman adventurer as you, Master Cockrell, there is a berth in the Royal James. Will ye rendezvous at the tavern and sign your fist to the articles?"

And, finally, you will state in a particularly clear voice that your wife is Mrs. So-and-so, illegally married to Mr. So-and-so, Liberal candidate." He spoke in hurrying accents, and as he ceased the cigar fell from his fingers. "But I thought you said that they weren't married at all?" "They are not. But you mustn't know it.

He was waiting while the latter bought a paper at the bookstall, when suddenly he felt himself slapped heavily on the back by some one behind him, and heard a voice at whose well-known accents he very nearly fell down with horror. It was his terrible uncle!

Ah! wretched piece of clay that you are, filth is mastering you! Thereupon, the priest at last raised his head. Big tears were streaming from his eyes, and it was in gentle heartbroken accents that he spoke: 'Why do you speak to me like that? You are always with me, and you know my ceaseless struggles. Do not doubt me, leave me strength to master myself.

Certainly she could not claim to have 'added up' Constance yet. She considered that her sister was in some respects utterly provincial what they used to call in the Five Towns a 'body. Somewhat too diffident, not assertive enough, not erect enough; with curious provincial pronunciations, accents, gestures, mannerisms, and inarticulate ejaculations; with a curious narrowness of outlook!

"Why, her hair has been admired by everybody who has seen her since she has worn it loose, which has not been long. It is beautiful hair. People used to turn their heads to look at it, poor girl!" "Pooh! that's nothing that's nothing!" she exclaimed, in incipient accents of pique. "If I cared for your love as much as I used to I could say people had turned to look at mine."