"It's no kind o' use givin' me goodies," she said to a helpless suitor of Louisiana Piper's who had offered to bring her some sweets, "for I ain't got no influence with Lu, and if I don't give 'em up to her when she hears of it, she'll nag me and hate you like pizen. Unless," she added thoughtfully, "it was wintergreen lozenges; Lu can't stand them, or anybody who eats them within a mile."

There are, as I said in the 'former chapter, altogether 305 pieces, which is the number given by Sze-ma Khien. There are also the titles of six others. It is contended by Ku Hsi and many other scholars that these titles were only the names of tunes. the Ya and the Sung received their proper places. The return from Wei to Lu took place only five years before the sage's death.

Of course I gave him this instruction at once, and also told him that he must see Prince Tuan at once and Duke Lan to tell them that this was a very serious affair and that they had better not interfere with Yung Lu's plans. Matters became worse day by day and Yung Lu was the only one against the Boxers, but what could one man accomplish against so many?

He was a native of Lu, and had received his own knowledge of the odes from a scholar of Khi, called Fau Khiu-po. He was resorted to by many disciples, whom he taught to repeat the odes. When the first emperor of the Han dynasty was passing through Lu, Shan followed him to the capital of that state, and had an interview with him.

"You were a dear to send it, Toni. You're quite a way from the station, aren't you?" "I suppose we are," said Toni carelessly. "But how are you, Fan? And Auntie and Lu and all of them?" "Mother's first-rate and longing to see you when you can get up to town. Everyone's all right," said Fanny comfortably. "Lu's been in mischief again, though.

With these words my nephew snatched his Glengarry bonnet from the table and bolted downstairs to see the fun. "What will become of him?" said Lu, hopelessly; "he has no taste for any thing but rough play; and then such language as he uses! Why isn't he like Daniel?" "I suppose because his Maker never repeats himself. Even twins often possess strongly marked individualities.

As he looked closely at the fresh and new bank bill of the denomination of five dollars, Hugh saw that it had only three distinct creases marked across its face, as though it might have been taken from some flat receptacle like a bill-book; certainly when Brother Lu declared that he had such a bill tied up in his bandanna handkerchief he prevaricated, for it would under such conditions have been crumpled instead of looking so smooth!

"Oh, thank you, Lu!" exclaimed Grace, "you are just the very best sister that ever I saw! Isn't she, papa?" "I think her a very good and kind sister, and it makes me a proud and happy father to be able to give her that commendation," he answered, with a loving look down into the eyes of his eldest daughter.

"'Well, returned the grim-visaged woman with a return to her customary austerity, 'I did. The wound was slight; only a few easily subdued drops of blood followed; but, believe me, maiden, it will be sufficient. "'What do you mean? demanded Lal Lu.

The first and foremost thing is the choice of proper sentiments; for when the sentiments are correct, there'll even be no need to polish the diction; it's certain to be elegant. This is called versifying without letting the diction affect the sentiments." "What I admire," Hsiang Ling proceeded with a smile; "are the lines by old Lu Fang;