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Then you turn out the lights and turn 'em on again three times real quick, out an' in, an' that'll be the signal. An' after ten minutes you look out yer front winda an' off as fur as ye can see an' I'll flash a signal light to ya jest to let ya know it's all right.

"I wanna be game!" said Freddy, stiffening his lips. "You tell Florette. You write to her I was game. Will ya, Bert?" A bell rang. "Aw, I gotta go dress for supper, Bert. They dress up for supper here." "A' right, kid. Then I'll be goin' " "Goo'-by, Bert. You tell her, Bert." "So long, kid." "Will ya tell her I was game, Bert?" "Aw, she'll know!"

In my coontry, efery mans isht obliget to be a soldier some time, and them t'at knows Latin can be made sergeants and corporals." "That is Prussia, is it?" "Ya Preussen, vere so late did reign de goot Koenig Wilhelm." "And is Latin much understood among you? I have heard that, in Hungary, most well-informed persons even speak the tongue." "In Charmany it isht not so.

DOÑA MATILDE. ; pero no había necesidad de decir que era yo la que te enviaba, ni de añadir, como sin duda habrás añadido, que había hablado antes o me quedaba hablando con este caballero. BRUNO. Ya se ve, que le dije también entrambas cosas; ¿y qué mal hubo en ello? DOÑA MATILDE. Que ya papá no se sorprenderá, y que la escena pierde por lo mismo una gran parte de su efecto.

I think it's rather a lark when they sing out Englanderin. I always want to yell 'Ya!" "Likewise 'Boo! Come on, Mill, we're all waiting." "Well, you know I don't like it, Jimmie." "Why?" "Because it makes me forget I'm in Germany and only remember I've got to go back." "My hat, Mill, you're a queer mixture!" "But, Millie, best child, it's just the very thing that makes you know you're here."

Yur like an oald kneyfe, I can mak' nowt o' ya', nowder back nor edge. Mrs. Thornburgh wrung her fat short hands in despair, making little incoherent laments and suggestions as she saw him about to depart, of which John at last gathered the main purport to be that she wished him to go back to Whinborough for her precious parcel.

Nothing more. I forced myself to shout in Hindustani the cry seeming a brutal outrage upon the night, and an echo came back numbed in the black woods. I tried once more and in vain. We stood absorbed also into the silence. "Ya Alla! it is a house of the dead!" whispered Ali Khan, shuddering at my shoulder, and even as the words left his lips I understood where we were. "It is the Sukh Mandir."

Ch'in upon hearing his objections smiled. "If this," she said, "is really not nice, where are you going? if you won't remain here, well then come into my room." Pao-yue nodded his head and gave a faint grin. "Where do you find the propriety," a nurse thereupon interposed, "of an uncle going to sleep in the room of a nephew's wife?" "Ai ya!" exclaimed Mrs.

It cost that body five hundred merks ere he got to the south of Bally-Brough. And ance Donald played a pretty sport. So there was old to do about ransoming the bridegroom; for Donald would not lower a farthing of a thousand punds' The devil! 'Punds Scottish, ya shall understand.

"To enjoy myself so," continued Pen, "while you, with your mouth so out of taste and no appetite, could hardly eat a bit." "Well, who's to have a happetite with a wound like mine? I shall never get no better till I get a mug of real old English beer." "Never mind; you get plenty of milk." "Ya! Nasty, sickly stuff! I'll never touch it again." "Well then, beautiful sparkling water."