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Job was not much of a theologian, though he attended chapel regularly of a Sunday evening. His ideas of heaven were drawn mainly from certain popular hymns, which depicted the life of the redeemed as a perpetual practice of psalmody. "What sud I be doin' i' heaven," he asked, "wi' a crown o' gowd on my heead and nowt to do all day but twang a harp, just as if I were one o' them lads i' t' band?

"Thee strip thysen stark nak'd to wesh thy flesh i' that scullery," said the miner, as he rubbed his hair; "nowt b'r a ice-'ouse!" "And I shouldn't make that fuss," replied his wife. "No, tha'd drop down stiff, as dead as a door-knob, wi' thy nesh sides." "Why is a door-knob deader than anything else?" asked Paul, curious. "Eh, I dunno; that's what they say," replied his father.

"I didn't think nowt about the chain, nor the air, nor the water neither. I thought only o' Harry. It was me as had pushed him down, and I'd got to bring him oop. If I hadn't a gone down Nelly Hardy would ha' gone, though she be a lass and doan't know how to swim or to hold on by a chain, or nowt; but she'd ha' gone, I tell e'e, if I hadn't; I saw it in her face.

Gale to look in at the Vicarage on her way home, for Essy wasn't very well. But Mrs. Gale had shied off from the subject of Essy. She had done it with the laughter of deep wisdom and a shake of her head. You couldn't teach Mrs. Gale anything about illness, nor about Essy. "I knaw Assy," she had said. "There's nowt amiss with her. Doan't you woorry."

He shook his head compassionately over the preposterous state of mind betrayed by such a demand, and with a fresh burst of abuse of his brother, and an assurance to the vicar's wife that he meant to 'gie that oald man nawtice when he got haum; he wasn't goan to hev his bisness spiled for nowt by an oald ijiot wi' a hed as full o' yale as a hayrick's full of mice, he raised his whip and the clattering vehicle moved forward; Jim meanwhile preserving through all his brother's wrath and Mrs.

"Nay, it's 'B.A., and fowks wodn't call a lass like Mary Taylor able-bodied; shoo's no more strength in her nor a kitlin." "I reckon it's nowt to do wi' her body, isn't 'B.A.," interposed the Colonel. "Shoo'll be one o' yon college lasses, an' they tell me they're all foorced to put 'B.A. at after their names."

Twice oi ha' been down Maarsten to see if so be as they've took him, but nowt ain't been seen of him. Oi had just coom from there now. Thou'st heerd, oi suppose, as the crowner's jury ha found as Foxey wer murdered by him; but it bain't true, you know, Luke be it?" Bill made the assertions stoutly, but there was a tremulous eagerness in the question which followed it; He was fagged and exhausted.

But one white and sickly fellow looked back to say: "An' it's a graat pity for a yoong mon like you, sir, to be doin' Muster Melrose's dirty work taakin' o' the police as though yo' had 'em oop your sleeve!" "Haven't I done what I could for you?" cried Faversham, stung by the reproach, and its effect on Lydia's face. "Aye mebbe but it's nowt to boast on."

How are we ridin?" The Gunner looked over the side. "Why, middlin deep, sir." "Then cut the boats away, and the anchors. Stave in the water-casks. Heave all spare shot and tackle overboard we need nowt but the boards we stand on and the guns we fight; and make what sail you can on her.... I shall bear away for the shore. Don't mean bein took at my time o life."

The great muscular fellow dropped at once, seating himself upon the slope and digging his heels into the loose screes to keep from sliding down. "There y'are," he growled. "Now, then," said Aleck, "what do you want to say?" "Only about you coming along here to-day. You warn't trying to spy out nowt, was yer?" "No," cried Aleck; "of course I wasn't.