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"Yes, sir, he be a-sitting with John Stukeley, who they say is main bad. It seems as how he has taken a fancy to t' lad, though why he should oi dunno, for Bill had nowt to do wi' his lot. Perhaps he thinks now as Bill were right and he were wrong; perhaps it only is as if Bill ha' got a name in the village of being a soft hearted chap, allus ready to sit up at noight wi' any one as is ill.

"Ah, sure," he said, "fwhat's the use uv tryin' to sell books at all, at all; folks does be peltin' them out into the street, and the nanny-goats lives on them these times. Oi send the childer out to pick 'em up, and we have 'em at me place in barrow-loads. Come along wid me now, and Oi'll make you nice and comfortable for the night," and he laid his hand on the outstretched palm of the figure.

I've only got twenty cents in change in my pocket." "There's a lodging-house in Washington Street where you can get a bed for that," went on the officer. "But it's not over clean." "I don't want to go where it's dirty," replied the boy, shuddering. And for a brief instant a vision of his own neat and tidy cot at home floated through his mind. "Well, oi dunno; you can't stay out here."

Basil?" asked Reybold one day, when his mind was very full of Joyce, the daughter. "Not while Congress is in session," said Mrs, Basil. "It's a little too much of the oi polloi for the Judge. His family, you may not know, Mr. Reybold, air oi the Basils of King George. They married into the Tayloze of Mount Snaffle.

"Well, 'long 'bout noon he come gallopin' up, wi' his big black horse all a lather, to where we was layin' in the scrub cursin' the flies an' the department an' the outbreaks o' Bohs. "'Come on, boys! he hollers, wi' the glitter in his eye; 'Oi found the way! All together now, an' we'll see the top o' yon hill or we'll see hell this day!

"There, there," he said, "don't ee go on a crying, girl; thou hasn't done no wrong, vor indeed it must have seemed to thee flying in the face of natur to go away wi' out saying goodby to Maister Ned. Well, sir, oi be main sorry as it has turned out so. Oi should ha' loiked to ha' cleared thee; but if thou won't have it oi caan't help it. Oi think thou beest wrong, but thou know'st best."

"Cantankerous!" echoed her husband. "It's that blank pain av his." "Whist now, Tim. There's Thim that'll be hearin' ye, an' it'll be the worse f'r him an' f'r you, beloike." "Divil a fear have Oi av Thim," said her sceptical husband scornfully. "Aw, now, do be quiet, now," said his wife, crossing herself. "Sure, prayin' is jist as aisy as cursin', and no harrum done, at all." She shut the door.

"No," responded the captain, "Oi know this coast well enough, but Oi think ye had bother hoist that craft av yure's on boord an' come wid us into Port Royal. There is signs av a cyclone if Oi'm not mishtaken;" an invitation which the pilot gladly accepted.

"'Faith, an' if it wuz twenty-five cints Oi couldn't help it, sez Oi, 'an' it's ready to die Oi am, sez Oi, 'fur Oi was confessed last wake an' Oi'm a-sayin' me prayers this minit. "Sez the littlest wan, an' he wa'n't so little, nigh as br'ad as that dooer, 'Hevn't ye sold yer cow?

The schnake was a bit troubled wid indigestion of the brain, and, faix! I was too much for him! Loike the sodjers surrounded by the inimy, Oi cut me way out, and here Oi am." "I don't believe you were swallowed by a snake," protested Mrs. Blossom. "Don't you believe that Jonah swallowed the whale, Aunty?" demanded Felix. "Of course I believe that because it is in the Bible.

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