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Ikey Rosy and me are goin' to run away and get married to-night." Ikey's left forefinger was doubled over the edge of the mortar, holding it steady. He gave it a wild rap with the pestle, but felt it not. Meanwhile Mr. McGowan's smile faded to a look of perplexed gloom. "That is," he continued, "if she keeps in the notion until the time comes. We've been layin' pipes for the getaway for two weeks.

"I always liked you fine, Tom," the convict pleaded desperately. "Me 'n' you was always good pals. You wouldn't do me dirt thataway now. If you knew the right o' things how that Kelly kep' a-devilin' me, how Whaley was layin' to gun me when he got a chanct, how I stood up for the McRae girl an' protected her against him. Goddlemighty, man, you ain't aimin' to kill me like a wolf!"

Alongside there lay six dead bodies the man, his wife, two boys, somewhere near your age, a little girl, of maybe ten, and a baby all butchered by them savages, layin' in the hunter's vernacular in their gore. It was easy to see how they'd killed the baby, by his broken skull. They had seized the poor thing by the feet, and swung him against the side of the house, dashin' out his brains."

He was light-complected rather than darksome, and was one of them smooth-faced people that keep their baird and wiskers cut close, jest as if they'd be very troublesome if they let 'em grow, instead of layin' out their face in grass, as my poor husband that's dead and gone used to say.

"A hen," sez Miss Tutt bitterly. "To confound my Ardelia with a hen! And I don't think there wuz ever a more ironieler `hen' than that wuz, or a scornfuller one." "Why," sez I reasonably. "Hens are necessary and useful in any position, both walkin' and settin', and layin'. You can't get'em in any position hardly, but what they are useful and respectable, only jest flyin'. Hens can't fly.

It wasn't Danglar, it wasn't one of the gang, or the watchman who was no better than an accomplice; it was Marty Finch, alias the Sparrow. "Marty!" she exclaimed. "You! What are you doing here?" "I'm here to keep you from goin' in there!" he answered excitedly. "And and, say, I was afraid I was too late. Don't you go in there! For God's sake, don't you go! They're layin' a trap for you!

And she kinder tested her head, and sort o' swept out of the room, not with a broom, no, she would scorn to sweep out a room with a broom or help me in any way, but she sort o' swept it out with her mean. But I didn't care, I knew my bread wuz good. Now if anybody is sick, she will always tell of times when she has been sicker. She boasts of layin' three nights and two days in a fit.

"What's he layin' to kick you for, Billy? 'Tain't yer pop, is it?" "New!" said Billy, in scorn. "Father never kicked me. Don't know who he is." "He's a special!" shrilled the leading bird, sensationally. "He's got a badge, and he's goin' to arrest yer." Two of them hopped instantly to the safe middle of the street, and scattered with practiced strategy; but Billy stood his ground.

Well, if I tackle this track out to the main road, there's three o' them bullocks'll drop in yoke before I fetch the station. Would you like to see the bones layin' aside this track, every time you drive past? I bet you what you like, you'd be sorry when your temper is over. Then we'll say I'm out on the main road how 'm I goin' to fetch Nalrooka? Not possible, the way I'm fixed.

You rolls your tunes in yere like you owns the ranch; an' then you comes curvin' over an' talks of a gun-play 'cause, instead of layin' for you for that you disturbs my peace with them harmonies, I'm that good-nachered I yields the p'int an' dances to 'em. You-all pull your freight, says the Colonel, 'or I'll fill you full of lead.

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