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A. Pendennis were very clearly visible to the Major as he went in. An Irish charwoman, with a pail and broom, opened the door for the Major. "Is that the beer?" cried out a great voice: "give us hold of it." The gentleman who was speaking was seated on a table, unshorn and smoking a short pipe; in a farther chair sate Pen, with a cigar, and his legs near the fire.

Whenever we came to an inn, he used to take up the bar of the door, or a broom, or perhaps a pestle, dress it up in clothes, and utter a certain incantation; whereupon the thing would begin to walk about, so that every one took it for a man. It would go off and draw water, buy and cook provisions, and make itself generally useful.

One evening they were sitting in the warm dusk by the edge of a little dip of heather sheltered by a tuft of broom, when suddenly they heard the purring sound of the night-jar and immediately after the bird itself lurched past them, and as it disappeared into the darkness they caught several times the characteristic click of the wing. Catherine raised her hand and laid it on Robert's.

The needle was very seldom in her fingers at the school, and the house- broom and the scrubbing-brush still less often at home.

If there was one silly fool that asked me the best way of making mud-pies, I should think there was fifty. Little things please little minds, and the silly way some of 'em went on made me feel sorry for my sects. By eight o'clock, 'owever, they 'ad all sheered off, and I got a broom and began to sweep up to 'elp pass the time away until low-water.

"Oh, God!" he groaned again, almost falling over a bush of broom; and sitting down, he buried his face in his hands, and, forgetful of the wind and the rain, which now drove down in torrents, sat and brooded and thought, his mind seeking to understand the chaos of despair. What was the meaning of life? What was beyond it after death? Would immortality, if such there were, be worth having?

"How do you set a back-fire?" "Well, Annie, we light another fire, nearer the house or fence which we are trying to save, and then, with a brush or broom, or sometimes a little stick, whip it out, so that it cannot burn very fast. When the grass is burnt off in this way there is nothing left for what we call the 'prairie-fire' to burn, you see.

"Bother! you know what I mean," said Tod, testily. "Get a broom or something of that sort, and dress it up with a mask and wings: and he is as scared over it now as he ever was. I don't care what you say." "Look here!" exclaimed Bywater, starting from his niche, as a bright idea occurred to him. "Let one of us personate a ghost, and appear to him! That would be glorious!

"I never counted," said John Broom; "pretty often." "How many good-conduct stripes do you ken me to have lost of your ain knowledge?" "Three, M'Alister." "Is there a finer man than me in the regiment?" asked the Highlander, drawing up his head. "That there's not," said John Broom, warmly. "Our sairgent, now," drawled the Scotchman, "wad ye say he was a better man than me?"

For she was not really his aunt, but just the woman of the house where his father had lodged. It was good of her to keep Dickie, even if she wasn't very kind to him. And as that is all the good I can find to say about her, I will say no more. With his little crutch, made out of a worn-out broom cut down to his little height, he could manage quite well in spite of his lameness.