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"So you're in this, Doret. You're a part of this little farce. You trapped me here to make a fool of me, did you? Well, I can settle with you " "D-don't blame him!" cried the girl, hysterically. "It is all my doing. He had no part in it." Burrell wheeled back to the Frenchman again. "Is this true?" "Yes," said Doret, in a restrained voice. "Dis ain' no work of mine."

"Ey, man," said the king, "come ye to me there? I thought ye wad e'en be like the rest of them. One would think our subjects' lives and goods were all our ain, and holden of us at our free will; but when we stand in need of ony matter of siller from them, which chances more frequently than we would it did, deil a boddle is to be had, save on the auld terms of giff-gaff.

"But these fellows," said Morton, glancing his eye towards the soldiers "that were in the apartment, are not of his corps?" "Na, na, these are Scotch dragoons," said mine host, "our ain auld caterpillars; these were Claver'se's lads a while syne, and wad be again, maybe, if he had the lang ten in his hand." "Is there not a report of his death?" inquired Morton.

No, I'm t'ink 'bout her all de tarn'. She's li'l' gal, an' I'm beeg, strong feller w'at don' matter much an' w'at ain' know much 'cept singin', an' lovin' her. I'm see for sure now dat I ain' fit for her I'm beeg, rough, fightin' feller w'at can't read, an' she's de beam of sunlight w'at blin' my eyes."

Lovel will be in town before the express gaes aff," said Mrs. Heukbane; "and where are ye then, lass? But ye ken yere ain ways best." "Weel, weel, Mrs. Heukbane," answered Mrs.

"Dis yer stuff ain' no cawfy," grumbled Aunt Pony, taking the boiler from the crane; "hit ain' nuttin' but dishwater, I don' cyar who done made hit." Then, as the door opened to admit Uncle Isam with a bucket from the spring, she divided her scorn equally between him and the coffee-pot. "You needn't be a-castin' er you nets into dese yer pains," she observed cynically.

"Woe's me! woe's me!" said she; "what will all that we can do avail us, brother? What will resistance do but bring sure destruction on the house, and on the bairn Edith! for, God knows, I thinkna on my ain auld life."

"And it is well that it is not our ain doings we have to trust to when life is wearing over," said Mrs Fleming, gravely. "I doubt the best of us would find but poor comfort in looking back over our life, when the end is drawing on; it is to Him who is able and willing to save to the uttermost that we have, one and all, to look." "Yes, I know, there is no one else.

Sae ae auld hirpling deevil of a potter behoved just to step in my way and offer me a pig, as he said, just to put my Scotch ointment in, and I gave him a push, as but natural, and the tottering deevil coupit ower amang his ain pigs, and damaged a score of them. And then the reird raise, and hadna these twa gentlemen helped me out of it, murdered I suld hae been, without remeid.

"I am sure of it; Lionel tells me his cousin dislikes English life as much as she likes that of her ain countree." Vaura fell into a reverie; after some moments, waking to herself, said: "I did not show you the interesting epistle I received from Mrs. Haughton, in which she says, 'society' hath it that Capt. Trevalyon rejoices in a 'hidden wife." "A pure invention got up to hurt him."