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Well, you've begun your job; didn't I tell you it might be just around the corner? Besides "Cousin Robin," two things stuck out in Theodore's epistle; he's going to turn himself loose for the benefit of those working people in his factories, and he's going to have "The Cairns" swept and garnished for you and me when when we get there. This is all true. I am sitting here, writing to her.

It is an extremely valuable work and represents a lifetime of study and research. Two other long works are the Barons' Wars and the Heroic Epistle of England; and besides these were many minor poems.

"The fine epistle which V. E. has allowed to be printed upon the sojourn of C. and of the C. du Nord in this city, exposes you, in the position of an author, to endure the compliments of all those who trouble themselves to write. But I flatter myself, Madam, that V. E. will not disdain mine.

THIS second epistle, beloved, I now write unto you; in both which I rouse up your sincere mind by awakening your recollection to remember the words, that have been spoken aforetime by the holy prophets, and the injunction of us the apostles of the Lord and Saviour: knowing this principally, that in the last of the days there will come scoffers, walking after their own lewd passions, and saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for ever since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue in the same state as from the beginning of the creation.

Its members, living in the midst of slave-holding communities, were necessarily exposed to influences adverse to emancipation. I have already alluded to the epistle addressed to them by William Edmondson, and to the labors of John Woolman while travelling among them. In 1757 the Virginia Yearly Meeting condemned the foreign slave-trade.

Paul's Epistle one with the charity of "charity-blankets"? Are the "crusades" of Godfrey and of the great St. Louis, where knightly achievement did homage to the religious temper, essentially the same as that process of harrying the wretched and the outcast for which the muddle-headed, greasy citizen of to-day invokes the same high name?

It was a good-natured, cackling epistle, full of sweet nothings about Glory and the hospital, about Peel and the discovery of ancient ruins in the graveyards of the treen chapels, but it closed with this postscript: "You will remember old Chalse, a sort of itinerant beggar and the privileged pet of everybody.

Before he had resolved on making his second visit to Chesterton, he received a most heartrending epistle from Aunt Polly in which he was assured that he was quite as dear to her as ever, quite as dear as her own children, and in which he was implored to return to the haunts of his childhood where everybody loved him and admired him.

Then she turned to go in. "What's that sticking out of your wee pocket, Flossie girl?" he said, as she brushed past him. She stopped a second and felt. "Oh, nearly I didn't wemember, an' I pwomised I would it's a letter for you, Alan," she said, and gave Meg's poor little epistle up into the very hands of the Philistine. A Catapult and a Catastrophe

For thus has he written in his epistle to Anaxarchus: "I for my part incite and call you to continual pleasures, and not to vain and empty virtues, which have nothing but turbulent hopes of uncertain fruits."