That is a long story, and a dark one too; we will talk of it next time. You asked if there were men in England when the country was covered with ice and snow. Look at this, and judge for yourself. What is it? a piece of old mortar? Yes. But mortar which was made Madam How herself, and not by any man. And what is in it? A piece of flint and some bits of bone. But look at that piece of flint.

Your poverty has been my glory, and my riches; and I have nothing to brag of, but that I ever thought it an honour, rather than a disgrace; because you were always so honest, that your child might well boast of such a parentage! In this manner, my dear mother, did we pass the happy moments, till Miss Darnford came to me, and said, How do you do, dear madam? I rejoice to see you so well!

"Men commonly take so little notice of those things," said she; "I can never get Mr. Allen to know one of my gowns from another. You must be a great comfort to your sister, sir." "I hope I am, madam." "And pray, sir, what do you think of Miss Morland's gown?" "It is very pretty, madam," said he, gravely examining it; "but I do not think it will wash well; I am afraid it will fray."

"I can bear what God sendeth, Madam," said Anne in a low voice. "Well said, brave heart!" answered Constance, only half understanding her. "The blessed saints aid thee so to do! Now, Sir William, dispose of us." Hankeford obeyed the intimation by separating them into two bands.

"Grown with your growth, and strengthened with your strength," rejoined the relict, smiling kindly enough on the captain to have encouraged a much more modest man than he happened to be. "Yes, Madam Budd very just that remark; grown with my strength, and strengthened with my growth, as one might say; though I've not done much at growing for a good many years.

There was but the one answer to be given to such a question." Over and over she turned the matter in her mind striving to reconcile policy with truthfulness. A problem which has vexed the souls of men since the beginning of time. At last the queen took her departure. As she bade her host and hostess farewell, she said: "Madam, I thank you for your entertainment.

And, even as he clasped that yielding form, Barnabas knew instinctively who it was, and straightway thrilled with a wild joy. "Madam!" he said hoarsely. "Madam!" But she never stirred, nay it almost seemed she sank yet closer into his embrace, if that could well be. "Cleone!" he whispered.

'I will beg permission to go and fetch Elizabeth, madam. 'Rightly thought of. Fetch her in my carriage. And, by the way, Mrs. Baerens was my old music-mistress, and is, I think, one year older than I. She can tell you on which side of seventy I am. 'I shall not require to ask, my lady, he said, sighing. 'Then we will send the carriage for Elizabeth, and have it out together at once.

"I brought him, madam, because you were resolved to leave my share of the compact half-performed. Did I not warn you in the beginning that his alienation from this girl must be complete? Nothing would convince him that she was utterly lost, but the sight he has just witnessed. It was a dangerous experiment, but I have conquered with it." "And for what purpose?

I tried sewing in a dressmaker's shop, but after three days the Madam announced that her shop would be closed during August, the dull season. She had hired me simply to rush a mourning order. From one thing to another I went, becoming more and more disheartened as fall approached, and my stock of clothes and jewelry, on the proceeds of which I was living, became lower and lower.