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In the days gone by our fathers worked for the good of the people, and they had no thought of gain. A time is coming when we shall need that blood and that bone in this Republic. Wealth not yet dreamed of will flow out of this land, and the waters of it will rot all save the pure, and corrupt all save the incorruptible. Half-tried men wilt go down before that flood.

A bone, be it but a joint of the little finger, is sufficient to raise the ghost to which it once belonged; cuttings of hair or clippings of nails are enough to put their owner magically in your power; and that is the reason why, if you are a prudent person, you will always burn all such off-castings of your body, lest haply an enemy should get hold of them, and cast the evil eye upon you with their potent aid.

"All places have their dangers to your sleepy navigator, deacon; but the man who keeps his eyes open has little to fear. Had you given us a chronometer, there would not have been one-half the risk there will be without one." This had been a bone of contention between the master of the Sea Lion and his owner.

I suppose when the hero of Kipling's poem found out that she was only 'a rag and a bone and a hank of hair, he kept on loving the rag, even while he felt like gnawing the bone and pulling the hair." He knew he had said an ugly thing. It wasn't like him. He flushed as he saw Mrs. Lenox glance sharply at him. "Dick, Dick, that is heresy," she exclaimed gaily.

'By jove, I said, 'it's like a sort of thingummybob, isn't it? A sort of fate, what? 'I fail to understand you. 'Well, Aunt Julia, you know, don't you know? Heredity, and so forth. What's bred in the bone will come out in the wash, and all that kind of thing, you know. 'Don't be absurd, Bertie. That was all very well, but it was a coincidence for all that.

The same with the skeletons in the invertebrates, from membrane to cartilage, from cartilage to bone, so that the primitive cartilage remaining in any part of the skeleton is considered a mark of inferiority. According to Cope, there has been progressive improvement in the mechanism of the body it has become a better and better machine.

This had in some measure reconciled the housekeeper to the intruder; whom, nevertheless, she hated as a dog hates another dog, not only for taking his bone, but for looking at it. But suddenly Simon fell ill. His age made it probable he would die. He took to his bed his breathing grew fainter and fainter he seemed dead.

In those days I was Brahmin and proud man. Now I am dead man and eat" here he eyed the well-gnawed breast bone with the first sign of emotion that I had seen in him since we met "crows, and other things. They took me from my sheets when they saw that I was too lively and gave me medicines for one week, and I survived successfully.

Take a good fat Turkey or two; dress them clean, and bone them; then tye them up in the manner of Sturgeon with some thing clean washed. Take your kettle, and put into it a pottle of good White-wine, a quart of Water, and a quart of Vinegar; make it boil, and season it with Salt pretty well. Then put in your Turkeys, and let them boil till they be very tender.

Slavery was definitely and specifically made a corner-stone of the new government. The foreign slave trade was, in deference to border state opinion, forbidden; but free trade, which had so long been a bone of contention between the planters of the South and the manufacturers of the East, was left to the wisdom of ordinary legislation.