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Now I'll tell you the notion I've fixed. You're going to get a whole heap more than that three-thousand-dollar trade. You surely are. And when you go back you'll be free of of him, just as far as dollars can make you. But I'm hoping you'll go back feeling better than that.

The same wave wrenched the child from the grasp of the man who held it and carried it right overboard. Like an eel, rather than a man, Charlie cleft the foam close behind her, caught her by the skirt and bore her to the surface, when a few strokes of his free arm brought him close under the lee of the wreck just in time to prevent the agonised father from leaping after his child.

While the power of the Roman Empire was declining there dwelt on the banks of the River Rhine a number of savage Teuton tribes called Franks. The word Frank means free, and those tribes took pride in being known as Franks or freemen. The Franks occupied the east bank of the Rhine for about two hundred years. Then many of the tribes crossed the river in search of new homes.

A moment later I heard the sail go up and slat in the wind as they drew in the sheet. Then silence fell, and I was left to my own devices for getting free. I remembered having seen tricksters writhe and squirm out of ropes with which they were bound, but though I writhed and squirmed like a good fellow, the knots remained as hard as ever, and there was no appreciable slack.

Throughout this whole extent the skin was insensible and could be pinched or even punctured without the patient being aware that he was even touched. The parts did not present any perceptible alteration in texture or in color. The patient was free from fever and made no complaint except a slight headache.

Repeatedly, when taken out of bed, though she resisted at first, she dressed with natural free motions. She always retracted promptly from pin pricks.

Wherefore was great sorrow and fear, the more for that the Duke of Burgundy let build a bridge of wood from Venette, to come and go across Oise, whereby we were now assailed on both hands, for hitherto we had been free to come and go on the landward side, and through all the forest of Pierrefonds. We had but one gate unbeleaguered, the Chapel Gate, leading to Choisy and the north-east.

His name's been well bestowed on him the very word, Herrraskov! Lomonosov Punin found fault with for too simple and free a style; while to Derzhavin he maintained an attitude almost of hostility, saying that he was more of a courtier than a poet.

"He had no other way to discharge it; a debt of honour must be paid, old stories these. What matters? Since then my purse has been open to you." "Yes, not as your sister, but your instrument, your spy! Yes, your purse has been open with a niggard hand." "/Un peu de conscience, ma chere/, you are so extravagant. But come, be plain. What would you?" "I would be free from you."

But he must have undervalued his own power of attraction or Barine's love for with each passing week the cheerful serenity of her disposition gained fresh steadfastness and charm. He, too, had the same experience; it was long since he had felt so vigorous, untrammelled, and free from care.