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He attacked the door furiously and in a few moments had knocked out the panel completely. "I guess we can squeeze through there now," he said. "Let me go first," exclaimed Bob. "I've got a gun." He squirmed through the opening in the door and seeing no sign of any one outside called to Hugh to follow him. A moment later they stood side by side in the dark and narrow hallway.

Fani, beaming, rose and kissed him on the forehead. He squirmed. She turned to leave, and beckoned casually for Thal and Hoddan to follow her. "My chieftain," said Thal tremulously, "do we depart, too?" "Yes!" rasped Don Loris. "Get out of my sight!" Thal moved with agility in the wake of the Lady Fani. Hoddan picked up his bag and followed.

He squirmed as far as his bonds would permit, then craned his neck forward until his lips just managed to reach the crack. "Who is it?" he whispered. "Breck," came the almost inaudible answer. "Be careful you don't make a noise. I'm going to pass a knife in to you." "No good," Smoke said. "I couldn't use it. My hands are tied behind me and made fast to the leg of the bunk.

Chilo squirmed, rubbed his hands, and said, "I admire thy penetration, O lord. He may have become one! He may very well have become one." "Now I understand why he defended the Christians." Nero laughed: "Petronius a Christian! Petronius an enemy of life and luxury! Be not foolish; do not ask me to believe that, since I am ready not to believe anything."

The third man howled. His finger was between Jan's teeth. "Quit yer tantrums, Jan, an' ease up!" panted Red Bill, getting a strangle-hold on Jan's neck. "Why on earth can't yeh hang decent and peaceable?" But Jan kept his grip on the third man's finger, and squirmed over the floor of the tent, into the pots and pans. "Youah no gentleman, suh," reproved Mr.

And then one after another, pell-mell, scouts clambered onto the platform and surrounded him, while the scouts of his own troop edged them aside and elbowed their way to where he stood and mobbed him. And amid all this a small form, with clothing disarranged from close contact, but intent upon his purpose, squirmed and wriggled in and threw his little skinny arms around the hero's waist.

He must keep the secret and pretend that everything was working smoothly. Then his thoughts turned to Hazeltine, and when he considered the wrong he had done that young man, he squirmed again. There wasn't a doubt in his mind that Ralph felt exactly as Elsie did about his interference.

The man stretched out his arms, clasped the dog and rolled to the ground. For a few seconds he squirmed, beating the ground with his feet. Then he stopped moving, while Semillante dug her fangs into his throat and tore it to ribbons.

Just what Anne intended to do she did not know, but her outburst had its effect on the conspirators, and they squirmed uneasily under the lash of her words. Perhaps, they had misjudged this slender, dark-eyed girl after all. Before Anne could say more, Grace spoke quietly. "Sit down, all of you," she said at last, with a sweetness and dignity that was remarkable in so young a girl.

"'And fortune continued to smile," Rupert took up the story, "'until a certain wild Miles Ralestone staked the Luck of his house on the turn of a card and lost." "O-o-oh!" Ricky squirmed forward in her chair. "Now comes the pirate. Tell us that, Rupert." "You know the story by heart now," he objected. "We never heard it here, where some of it really happened. Tell it, please, Rupert!"