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Jasper broke the ice when he referred to Frank's visit to Geneva. "How did you know?" she asked, suddenly grave. "Somebody told me," he said casually. "Jasper, were you ever at Montreux?" she asked, looking him straight in the eye. "I have been to Montreux, or rather to Caux," he said. "That is the village on the mountain above, and one has to go through Montreux to reach it. Why did you ask?"

A dizzy headache, combined with a series of interruptions in the public reading-room where I had been at work, brought me to Camden Town between four and five, determined to take a couple of hours' rest, to sleep if possible on our bed. It happened that I met our landlady on the steps of the house, and asked her casually if my wife had returned yet.

I have rather neglected my mail, to tell you the truth. "And, come to think of it, there were several letters received with the Washington postmark. But, I supposed they had to do with some of my patents, and I only casually glanced over them. There was one letter, though, that I couldn't make head or tail of." "Ha! That was it!" cried the lieutenant. "It was the warning in cipher or code.

One or two expressions I had heard him drop casually, had led me to the belief that Brace was tired of the life he was leading that he, too, was discontented with such a lot; and that some harsh fate had conducted him into it. I hoped that it was so; for I had grown greatly interested in this fine man.

It was an occasion on which a new characteristic of the man was offered to my inspection. A prisoner of a somewhat unusual type had come in that day a spiritualistic medium, convicted of imposture. To this person I casually referred. "May I ask how you propose dealing with the new-comer?" "On the familiar lines." "But, surely here we have a man of superior education, of imagination even?"

He heard himself chatting casually enough, but neither his own words nor theirs conveyed much meaning to him. Nelson, it seemed, scorned no advantage, however dishonorable. Gray's hatred of the man attained deeper, blacker depths than ever. To-day of all days! What a reckoning was due!

Meanwhile, if you will just aid me with this branch " And for the next fifteen minutes they worked over the heap, adding to it and shaping it up. David kept his thoughts to himself. He could see that the Phoenix knew what it was doing, so everything must be all right. "By the way, my boy," said the Phoenix casually, when they had finished, "my prediction was correct. I knew it would be.

"That is one good reason why I should not go to confession," he replied casually, and turned to a table where he had been cutting a waistcoat for the first time in his life. "Do you think I'm going to stand your impertinence? Do you know who I am?" Charley calmly put up his monocle. He looked at the foolish little woman with so cruel a flash of the eye that she shrank back.

I glanced at it casually, then, turning my indignant eyes full upon him, I declared in precise and incisive tones that I had called in obedience to my owners' instructions. "Oh! Yes. H'm! I didn't understand what that fool was saying. . . . But never mind! It will teach the scoundrel to disturb me at this time of the day," he added, grinning at me with savage cynicism. I looked at my watch.

To be sure, at times he did casually allude to some expected unpleasantness when he arrived in England; yet he treated it, Granville noticed, as though hanging were at worst but a temporary inconvenience.