"You have taught me too well. Failing to act now, on what I am positive is right, would be as dishonorable as treason itself." "It would indeed," Thark replied with regret. "You leave me no choice. I cannot kill a guest in my home; to do that would bring only shame. However, I cannot let you live to reach the Imperials with this information, either.

Certainly not; I assure you, George, the punishment of such a nasty, sneaking, dishonorable act would be death in every gang, and cheap, too. Well, we have broken into Nature's shop here, and we are to rifle her, and not turn to like unnatural monsters, and rob our ten thousand pals." "Thieving is thieving, in my view," was the prejudiced reply.

To-morrow I shall take ze train back to London. Himmel! Vy vas I fool enof to act soch dishonorable lies! I deceive all these kind peoples!" "It isn't that which worries me," said Bunker imperturbably. "I am only afraid that if you display this spirit you won't deceive them." "I do not vish to," said the Baron sulkily.

If he did not believe in himself, how could he make others believe in him? Small men are apologetic and give excuses for being on earth, and reasons for staying here so long, and run and peek about to find themselves dishonorable graves. Not so the Great Souls the fact that they are here is proof that God sent them. Their actions are regal, their language oracular, their manner affirmative.

But that was now past; the brother could weep a tear of pity, the king must be firm and relentless. As he approached her, she raised herself from the ground and made a profound and ceremonious bow. "You have repaired much of the evil you have done, madame," said the king, sternly. "You have played a dishonorable game with my brother. You enticed him to love you."

He conceived, he said, that it would be dishonorable in him to commit an act of violence upon a guest whom he had invited under his roof, as his friend. He was willing to take his full share of the responsibility of destroying the tyrant in any fair and manly way, but he would not violate the sacred rites of hospitality to accomplish the end. So this plan was abandoned.

I therefore warn you, sir, that he is an impostor, with, perhaps, a dishonorable title to your name, but none at all to your property." "Nonsense, you foolish girl. Is he not my image?"

To work miracles is old and antiquated, and not in fashion now; to instruct the people, troublesome; to interpret the Scripture, pedantic; to pray, a sign one has little else to do; to shed tears, silly and womanish; to be poor, base; to be vanquished, dishonorable and little becoming him that scarce admits even kings to kiss his slipper; and lastly, to die, uncouth; and to be stretched on a cross, infamous.

Bygones is bygones, and, as the Bible says: 'Circumstances alters cases, and " "Then this is how I stand," cut in Garrison steadily, unheeding the advice. He counted the dishonorable tally on his fingers. "I'm a horse-poisoner, a thief, a welcher. I've deserted my wife and family. I owe you how much?"

She soon sent for her son, the Duke du Maine, hoping to hear, from his lips at least, words of sympathy. But the duke, who had reproached his mother with his dishonorable birth, and who, by a royal decree, had been recognized as a prince, was not at all disposed to cultivate intimate relations with that mother, now that the memory of disgrace only would be perpetuated by that recognition.