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Then again, M. de Meilhan has so much originality of character, and I admit only originality of mind. He puts his horse in his chamber, which is an original idea, to be sure; but I think horses had better be kept in the stable, where they would certainly be more comfortable. And these dreadful poets are such positive beings!

Presently she faced him again, for their conversation had been carried on in profile. There was a critical, searching look in her brown eyes. "Here I'm talkin' to you as if you were one" Mr. Brice was positive she was going to say "one of the gang," but she hesitated and concluded, "one of my relations like cousin Hiram."

"Full-rigged, sir; many of 'em, and drawing eight feet at least." "Eh bien! And the old Inn, madame, it dates, your son tells me, from 1693?" "We think so, sir, though I have no positive knowledge of its existence before 1750. My husband purchased the place in '94, and it had then been a hostelry for some years, certainly from the middle of the century. But we have made many additions.

So much as the mind comprehends of any space, it has a positive idea of: but in endeavouring to make it infinite, it being always enlarging, always advancing, the idea is still imperfect and incomplete. So much space as the mind takes a view of in its contemplation of greatness, is a clear picture, and positive in the understanding: but infinite is still greater. 1.

"And as it is now one o'clock, with no trouble doing, looks good to me that we'll pull through the night without a mess." "You never can tell," observed the careful Frank. "And the only way to do is to act just as if you felt positive something was bound to crop up."

Here her mistress again interrupted with a positive "I know," and, still more emboldened, Katterle continued the ex-schoolmaster's lesson to the end: "His lord, my lover says, will wait here beneath the window, in all reverence, though it should be till morning, until you show him your sweet face.

It was a curious intellectual experience to listen day after day to the lectures of Oken, while following at the same time Schelling's courses, where he was shifting the whole ground of his philosophy from its negative foundation as an a priori doctrine to a positive basis, as an historical science.

By what positive signs do we recognize it? An exact definition and a sure criterion are impossible. It is a flitting notion that depends on the times, places, and nature of minds. Has it not often been said that the religion of one is superstition to another, and vice versâ?

There are points of obscurity, and one or two of positive and even regrettable whimsicality, about John Gabriel Borkman, but on the whole it is a work of lofty originality and of poignant human interest. The veteran was now beginning to be conscious of the approaches of old age, but they were made agreeable to him by many tokens of national homage.

Nothing proves it. "The servants having been all changed, Amanda, the chambermaid, is the only one who knows the truth; and she will be very careful to say nothing about it. Therefore, all our positive information goes back no farther than five months. And what do we hear? That your father seemed to try and make his extravagant expenditures as conspicuous as possible.