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But when Mr. MacGentle spoke, it was with more assurance. Either from mortification at his illusion, or more probably from imperfect perception of it, he made no reference to what had passed. Old age possesses a kind of composure, arising from dulled sensibilities, which the most self-possessed youth can never rival.

Is there really some mystic power, as the Christians say, in every act of self-sacrifice, however imperfect, a power that represents at once the impelling and the rewarding God, that generates, moreover, from its own exercise, the force to repeat itself? Personally such a point of view meant little to him, nor did his mind dwell upon it long.

We should transplant the human sapling, I concede reluctantly, as early as eight, but not before, to the schoolhouse with its imperfect lighting, ventilation, temperature. We must shut out nature and open books. The child must sit on unhygienic benches and work the tiny muscles that wag the tongue and pen, and let all the others, which constitute nearly half its weight, decay.

The one-sided man is always an imperfect man; and an imperfect man as a teacher of perfection is a dangerous teacher for young generations. Two Slavs, Nicolaus Copernicus, from Thorn, and Ruggiero Boscovich, from Ragusa, both Roman Catholic priests, were at the same time both ardent scientists. Copernicus postulated the heliocentric planetary system instead of the geocentric.

'A short statement of facts will, in my opinion, demonstrate that law, in its origin and essence, is absolutely unjust. 'To make a law is to make a rule, by which a certain class of future events shall be judged. 'Future events can only be partially and imperfectly foreseen. 'Consequently, the law must be partial and imperfect. 'Let us take the facts in another point of view The law never varies.

Simon and Fourier, had been able to satisfy his desire for the absolute. All those systems had seemed to him imperfect and chaotic, destructive of one another, and tending to the same wretchedness of life. Janzen alone had occasionally satisfied him with some of his curt phrases which shot over the horizon, like arrows conquering the whole earth for the human family.

It was imperfect in every respect, with no end of gaps and errors, but it had one real merit it interested its readers. It was, as every such work ought to be, largely biographic. There was enthusiasm, a sort of ``go, in Dr. Lord, and this quality he had communicated to his book, so that, with all its faults, it formed the best basis then obtainable for further instruction.

Poor creature! she, as well as I, had but an imperfect idea of what she was to endure. The punishment was to be inflicted in the great square, and the troops were out, and a large concourse of people were assembled. She appeared on the raised platform upon which she was to suffer, in a genteel undress, which contributed still more to heighten her extreme beauty.

As soon as Zeppa became fully alive to this fact he ceased singing and went about trying to comfort those who wept but, from his perplexed air, and the frequency with which he paused in his wanderings to and fro and passed his hand across his brow, as if to clear away some misty clouds that rested there, it was evident that his shattered intellect had taken in a very imperfect impression of what had occurred.

He had zeal, and a sort of popular eloquence; but he wanted knowledge, and argument, and soundness. I was, however, struck with his earnestness, and with the importance of some truths which, though common to others, were new to me. But his scheme was hollow and imperfect, and his leading principle subversive of all morality. "Here Mr. Tyrrel paused.