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At the name the governor reflected, then frowned, then bade his servant reach him down a certain book. He inspected it. "I thought so: any one with him?" "No, your excellency." "Load my pistols, put them on the table, show him in, and then order a guard to the door." The governor was a stern veteran with a powerful brow, a shaggy eyebrow, and a piercing eye.

It was one sunny afternoon that he finished copying some papers, necessary in a case to be defended the following day. The sunshine, stealing through the shutters, fell on his lofty brow, pale from continued study; his whole countenance bespoke a nature saddened, vexed, but resolute, and, leaning forward, he touched the bell-rope.

Noting these changes as he went with a joyful heart, for they were indications of his near approach to the land of joy and delight, he came at length to a cabin situated on the brow of a steep hill in the middle of a narrow road. At the door of this cabin stood a man of a most ancient and venerable appearance. He was bent nearly double with age. His locks were white as snow.

The serious wrinkles on the brow of Halfont and the faraway expression that came frequently to his eyes revealed the nature of his thoughts. The greatest problem of them all was still to be solved. As they left the room he dropped behind and walked out beside Lorry, rather timidly detaining him until the others were some distance ahead. "You were closeted with the Princess this morning, Mr.

Poor Jim turned away with a clouded brow and strode into the smithy again. For my part, I slipped after him to try to console him, and to tell him all the wonderful changes which had come so suddenly into my life.

'I don't know what you mean, Gilbert. If I stand in your mother's place, I can't be turned against you, any more than she could, and she stroked his brow, which she found so throbbing as to account for his paleness. 'You can grieve and hurt me, but you can't prevent me from feeling for you, nor for your dear father's grief.

A tress of hair had come loose, and hung low above her brow, and in its shadow her, eyes seemed more elusive, more mocking than ever, and, while our glances met, she put up a hand and began to, wind this glossy tress round and round her finger. "Well?" said she. "Well," said I, "supposing you begin." "But is she likely to interest you?" "I think so yes." "Aren't you sure, then?"

Ah, thank God!" whispered Leonore in reply, with eyes full of joyful tears, as she laid her cheek against the brow of her sister. During the summer the inhabitants of many parts of Norway withdraw from their villages to others, especially when situated higher on the mountains, where they can fell wood and find better pasturage for their cattle.

Poor man, he had not spoken to her of what at another time it would have been such joy to speak; and he now, in answer to her look, said almost sadly: "Only about me, Sophy; what does that matter?" But before the girl read, a line farther, she smiled on him, and tenderly kissed his furrowed brow. "Don't read on, Sophy," said he quickly. She shook her head and resumed.

Oh, Lulu, won't you do it too? it is so easy if you only just try." "Tell me about it; how did you do it?" Lulu asked gravely, her eyes cast down, a slight frown upon her brow. "I did just as Grandma Elsie told us this morning. You know, Lu?" "Yes, I remember. But how do you know that you were heard and accepted?"

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