It is like the chemical which at once clears the clouded liquid in the test-tube. In our next lesson we shall go into this subject of the above-conscious planes, and the below-conscious planes, bringing out the distinction clearly, and adding to what we have said on the subject in previous books.

The Pike of Tenerife, which had generally been clouded while we lay at Santa Cruz, appeared now all white with snow, hovering over the other hills; but their height made it seem the less considerable; for it looks most remarkable to ships that are to the westward of it.

She had stopped; in the shadows the clouded moon of her face looked up into his. "Oh, won't you be good to me?" He slipped his arm about her; and suddenly he kissed her. She suffered his kiss for only a moment; then she moved away. He let her go, and she rushed ahead to the door. When he reached the step, she had faced about.

He thought sometimes of that sad and yet bracing sentiment, uttered by one whose life had been filled with every delight that wealth, guided by cultivated taste, could purchase. "My life," said this wearied man, "has been clouded by troubles, most of which never happened."

The maid hesitated, but seeing from the wandering expression of her employer's eye that her intellect was again clouded over, she retired to give the message to the cook with comments. The library at the Red House was the only room that had been radically altered since the days of the former tenants, whose taste had leant towards the florid rather than the classic.

Royal and noble commissions flowed upon him, and the king, who had a hereditary love of art, visited the painter continually, and spent some of the happiest and most innocent hours of his brief and clouded life in Van Dyck's company. Thus began Van Dyck's success in England.

Border four inches deep of black, two inches of plain red, one inch of black. Centre of clouded blue. No. 9. Colour blue. Border eight inches of darkest blue. Centre of clouded medium and light blue. No. 10. Colours blue and white. Border of very dark and medium blue woven together. Centre of blue and white yarn woven together. No. 11. Colours blue and white. Border of medium plain blue.

The wooden chair and her soft flesh wrestle. Esther sits still. He sews. In the door and the clang again of the bell, a boy with them. A boy they knew son of their neighbours big for his years and heavy, with fat lips, eyes clouded, hair black and low over his clouded eyes. Esther alone saw, as he lurched in, one foot dragging always slightly.

Gaines and Carita Belleville presented a perplexing problem, but I said nothing, for he was hurrying back now to his laboratory. At once he drew forth the little tube containing the few drops of tea and emptied a drop or two into a beaker of freshly distilled water as carefully as if the tea had been some elixir of life. As he was examining the contents of the beaker his face clouded with thought.

I mean," she added quickly, as if fearing that the purport of that question might be misunderstood, "that has enabled you to become a corsair captain." "'Tis a long story that," he said. "I should weary you in the telling of it." "No," she replied, and shook her head, her clear eyes solemnly meeting his clouded glance. "You would not weary me. Chances may be few in which to learn it."