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A silly wrangle! a preposterous wrangle! you must imagine our talk becoming louder, with a developing quarrelsome note my mother no doubt hovering on the staircase and listening in alarm as who should say, "My dear, don't offend it! Oh, don't offend it! Mr. Gabbitas enjoys its friendship. Try to think whatever Mr. Gabbitas says" though we still kept in touch with a pretence of mutual deference.

Soon the cable-layers were gliding merrily over the bright blue sea at the rate of five or six knots an hour, with the cable going quietly over the stern, the machinery working smoothly, the electrical condition of the cable improving as the sea deepened, and flocks of flying-fish hovering over the crisp and curly waves, as if they were specially interested in the expedition, and wished to bear it company.

It was "burned by the Gentiles," as the Chronicles say. And from that time forth we hear of their long ships again and again, hovering hawk-like around the coasts of Ireland and Scotland.

It would be useless to discuss the philosophy of the situation with you. We're on different planes." Just what I said. "You," said I, "seem to be hovering near Tophet and the Abyss." "No, no," he answered with an indulgent smile. "You are quoting Carlyle. You must give him up." "Damned pro-German, I should think I do," I cried. I had forgotten where my phrase came from. "I'm glad to hear it.

This skirmish, instead of decreasing their impudence, seemed only to increase it; for they were day and night hovering round our piquets, the object of which was to take our attention from their main body, who had been dispatched to intercept a small detachment that was on the way to join us, from Muttra.

That the pale crown of a premature death was hovering over the head of him who was the life of her life, the active promoter and sustainer of all that was good and joyous in that great household, all that was great and happy in the kingdom over which she ruled?

It was a different thing to conduct a great campaign, when the clouds heavy with snow were hovering around the mountain tops, and the mercury was hunting zero. He shivered and looked apprehensively into the chilly night. His apprehension was not for a human foe, but for the unbroken spirits of darkness and mystery that can cow us all. No tents were pitched.

A small gold star, added to the coloured spot, hovering over the name of a city, was explained, in the lower left-hand corner, as denoting the fact that the Eldorado face-powder was exclusively used there, and that S. Cora Grubb was the sole agent for the Pacific coast. Joseph's coat faded into insignificance in comparison with the city of Mrs.

The barber a round, bustling fellow stropped his razor and prattled gossip. On a settle to the right a couple of townsmen smoked, listened, and waited their turn with an educated patience. "Changes, indeed, since you left us, Captain John," the barber began, his razor hovering for the first scrape. "Wait a moment. You were about to take hold of me by the nose. If you do it, I'll run you through.

Not because the society of the selfish girl was essential, or even conducive, to my happiness far from it but because her excellent father, who so worshipped and idolized his only child that he would have thought no sacrifice too great to promote her enjoyment, was at the very time, amid all the discomfort of a crowded watering-place, hovering between life and death, and I was disgusted at the heartlessness which voluntarily left the fondest of parents deprived of all female tending, to the charge of a hired nurse and an unskillful though willing youth like myself.

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