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"I suppose you are right, Ruthven; but it is a little hard for a fellow " "Oh, no, it isn't," Ruthven said. "If you'd got into a scrape from some fault of your own one could understand it, although even then there would be no reason for you to cut your old friends till they cut you.

A little lady, all smiles and dimples, all curls and necklaces and gay clothing, extended two arms wide and clasped them round Kathleen's neck. "Ah, aunty!" said Kathleen, "this is good. And I ran away to see you. I did, darling; I did. I have got into the most awful scrape; nobody knows what will happen. See me without gloves and without a necktie.

Dad says the facilities for getting into trouble are better in Constantinople than any place we have been, as the men look like bandits and the women look like executioners. Dad thanked me for helping him out of that scrape by claiming he was the agent of a financial syndicate that wanted to lend money to the sultan.

Mutton, either boiled or roasted, should always be accompanied by turnips. Wash and scrape them well. If large cut them into two three, or four pieces. Put them into boiling water with a little salt in it. Full grown carrots will require three hours' boiling; smaller ones two hours, and young ones an hour.

We was learned to say, 'Yes Sir! and scrape down and bow, and to do just exactly what we was told to do, make no difference if we wanted to or not. Old Marster and Old Mistress would say, 'Do this! and we don' it. And they say, 'Come here! and if we didn't come to them, they come to us. And they brought the bunch of switches with them." "They didn't half feed us either.

Then Hallam drew Darrin to one side, to whisper earnestly in his ear: "Look out, old man, or you will get Pen into an awful scrape!" "I shan't do it," maintained Darrin. "If it happens it will have been Pen's own work." "You'd better let the chink go, just to save one of our class."

And so at last we came to the day on which we were in so good a condition that the bo'sun and the second mate considered the ship to be in a fit state to put to sea the carpenter having gone over so much of her hull as he could get at and found her everywhere very sound; though her lower parts were hideously overgrown with weed, barnacles and other matters; yet this we could not help, and it was not wise to attempt to scrape her, having consideration to the creatures which we knew to abound in those waters.

"I want that one," he repeated confidently, and pointed to the most ill-proportioned of an ill-conceived litter of mongrels. Helen raised shaking hands to her face, and screamed. The quick scrape of a chair in the living room and the sound of hasty footsteps glissading on the throw-rug in the hall heralded the approach of Timmy's father.

"I'm really worried; and it's too late to help it now." Miss Craydocke looked at her with a kind anxiety. "It's never too late to try to help a mistake. And you, Miss Saxon, you can always do what you choose." She was afraid for her, the good lady, that her heedlessness might compromise herself and others in some untoward scrape.

"I've already done that and been locked up overnight. You are wasting your breath, Chuck." "Well, hang you for a jackass, sure enough! I promise; but if you get into any such scrape as this, you needn't send for me. I refuse to help you again." "I can't exactly see that you did. Let's get out. Got a cigar in your pocket? I am positively dying for a smoke." Suddenly a brilliant idea came to me.