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Jane has thought the whole thing out from Genesis to Revelation. Still, that last clause about the mendicant leaves hope for the benighted man who still wants the cling of the vine. A true vine would never want or be able to hustle enough to flower sordid dollars instead of curls and blushes.

I had to take her to Eldress Abby. She sat up in front of the little looking-glass as still as a mouse, while the curls came off, but when the last one fell into Abby's apron, she suddenly put her hands over her face and cried: 'Oh, Mardie, we shall never be the same togedder, you and I, after this! She seemed to see her 'little past, her childhood, slipping away from her, all in an instant.

"Doro, let me in! Let me in!" little Roger was calling at her door, and before she had a chance to finish dressing, her little brother had his soft white arms about her neck. "Now, don't you look. You can't see until I've given you a quart of kisses, then you have to promise not to cry." "Cry? What for?" she asked. "Cross your heart, first," he insisted. Then she saw that his curls were gone.

The girl turned round quickly, so quickly that her curls gave her a slap in the face, saw me, bowed, and with a smile showed me a little box half full of seeds.

Angelique wore her dress of white foulard, with its soft ruchings at the neck and wrists, and nothing else; neither earrings nor bracelets, only her bare wrists and throat, soft in their satiny whiteness as they came out from the delicate material, light as the opening of a flower. An invisible comb, put in place hastily, scarcely held the curls of her golden hair, which was carelessly dressed.

Ruth was greatly excited over the prospect, for she had hardly done more than learn to stand up on her Christmas skates, and she longed to be able to glide off as gracefully as Dorothy did. She looked very gay in her red suit, with a jaunty tam-o'-shanter set rakishly on the brown curls, and even Arthur smiled involuntarily at the pretty picture as she came into the library to say good-bye.

Stanton, stout and placid, her white curls beautifully arranged, wrote steadily and happily, transforming masses of notes into readable easy prose.

Don't come near me! Your beautiful hair that I've never been too tired to brush for hours! To have realized those gorgeous curls in you and for for this! You horrid, selfish girl selfish selfish!" All during this, her naughtiness fallen from her like a cloak, Zoe sat regarding her parent, her lower lip less and less steady.

As they entered the gates, they caught sight of a young lady advancing slowly towards them a young lady dressed in pale pink, with ribbons fluttering and curls flowing. "The first rose of summer!" said Doctor Frank. "The future Madame La Touche!" "Have you come to meet us, Rose?" asked Stanford. "Very polite of you." "I won't be de trop," said the Doctor; "I'll go on."

One passenger stepped off the train a tall fellow in a faded lieutenant's uniform, who walked with a barely perceptible limp. He had a bronzed face and there were some grey hairs in the ruddy curls that clustered around his forehead. The new station agent looked at him anxiously.