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Maltravers uttered a deep groan; all the past rushed over him. Her romantic passion for one yet unknown her interest in his glory her zeal for his life of life, his spotless and haughty name. It was as if with her, Fame and Ambition were dying also, and henceforth nothing but common clay and sordid motives were to be left on earth. How sudden how awfully sudden had been the blow!

He thus managed to effect so important a reduction in the sordid emoluments of that office, that he was five pounds in pocket before a year was ended. But if the public had forgotten Mr Sharnall, Westray had not. The architect was a man of gregarious instinct.

I am not myself sure, for example, whether or not one or another of my most intimate acquaintances among the prisoners may not all the while have been on the watch to betray me behind my back. For aught I know, it may have been to some such sordid treachery that I owe the refusal of my parole, when it became due.

Mad. de Motteville, vol. ii. p. 17. Such being the sordid motives of her wooer, the oft-repeated lines, therefore, which he wrote with his own hand behind a portrait of the Duchess must be construed with a considerable abatement of their poetic ardour: "Pour meriter son coeur, pour plaire

The Emperor had not felt so cheerful and free from care for years as on this occasion, and when in spite of the late hour he found the workmen still busy everywhere, and saw all that had already been restored in the old palace and what was being done for its renovation, the restless man could not resist expressing his satisfaction, and exclaimed to Antinous: "Here we may see that even in our sordid times miracles may be wrought by good-will, industry, and skill.

There is an admirable page it brings the idea down to 1851 in which a sordid but astute peasant, twirling his thumbs on his stomach and looking askance, allows this political adviser to urge upon him in a whisper that there is not a minute to lose to lose for action, of course if he wishes to keep his wife, his house, his field, his heifer and his calf.

Take his Essays, these are among his best-known works, so brilliant and forcible, suggestive and rich, that even Archbishop Whately's commentaries upon them are scarcely an addition. Surely these are not on material subjects, and indicate anything but a worldly or sordid nature.

"Very. She is in Petrograd." That too was evocative. Cassy began talking about the biggest cropper that history has beheld a tsar tossed from the saddle to Siberia! Paliser, glad to be rid of Mrs. Beamish, took it up. The sordid story of the Russian chief of staff, bought by Hindenburg and shot by the Grand-Duke Nicholas, whom the tsar then exiled, was told once more.

Other Brahmins despise them and wish to deny them the name, because they have soiled their priestly hands with agriculture. But they return the contempt, and walk in the way of their fathers, a way which leads them among the purest pleasures that this life affords and keeps them from many of its more sordid temptations. Perhaps the picture has its darker shades too.

After all, he was not himself, he was some attribute of hers, like the sunshine that fell on her. He looked quickly away. It had been raining. The big bluff of the Castle rock was streaked with rain, as it reared above the flat of the town. They crossed the wide, black space of the Midland Railway, and passed the cattle enclosure that stood out white. Then they ran down sordid Wilford Road.