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"How awfully weird!" said Baby Van Rensselaer. "And why did the ghost go away?" "I haven't said it went away," answered Uncle Larry, with much dignity. "But you said it used to haunt the little old house at Salem, so I supposed it had moved. Didn't it?" "You shall be told in due time.

"He may be nice," returned the latter, consolingly, though with much evident distaste to the fact. "Who cares, and then besides, I bet he isn't." "You mustn't bet." "I will. You may be nice, and proper, and so awfully prim, if you want to, but I sha'n't." "You're nearly fifteen." "Suppose I am. Besides I'm not; it's three months yet."

In fifteen minutes Farraday had dressed and was at the door, his great car gliding up silently beside the doctor's. As he walked in Stefan saw that his face was quite white. "It was awfully good of you to come," he said. "I'm so glad you asked me. My car is a sixty horsepower, if anything were needed." Farraday sat down, and lighted a pipe.

Varick had no head for business, and the talk prolonged itself for nearly an hour while Waythorn set forth with scrupulous precision the details of the proposed transaction. "I'm awfully obliged to you," Varick said as he rose.

He was facing the Englishman, and as his eyes took in the bound ankles and the arms drawn tightly behind the other's back, a slow smile lighted his features. "They will fill their bellies tonight," he said. The Englishman grinned. "From the fuss they made," he said, "the beggars must be awfully hungry. They like to have eaten me alive when they brought me in. How did they get you?"

"Don't you see they are coming straight as an arrow for the Stack?" answered reflecting Harry. "No doubt in their minds as to where we are. Now Pirate's arrival and demonstrations could only indicate that we were in a strait somewhere among the holmes, but only Yaspard's tongue could tell the identical place where we are." "Ye're awfully wise!"

He tells her mother a good deal and Ada overhears a lot of things though they generally stop talking when she comes in. Ada would like awfully to be an actress. I never thought of such a thing though I've been to the theatre often. August 22nd. Hella is awfully pleased with the chain; she is wearing it. She is really learning to ride at her cousin's. It's a pity he's called Lajos.

After dinner on Monday evening I was sitting in my rooms with Murray, and although it was not nine o'clock, I was wondering how soon I could go to bed, when Ward suddenly burst in, fairly bubbling over with excitement. He turned me right out of my chair, and hitting me violently on the back, said he had never been so awfully glad in all his life.

"'Come," says I, 'let's keep our detectives to catch thieves, and not go distracting of 'em about a parcel o' women. "He's awfully down about Rhoda. She might do worse than take him. I don't think he's got a ounce of a chance now Religion's set in, though he's the mildest big 'un I ever come across. I forgot to haul him over about what he 'd got to say about Mr. Edward.

I made some fine ones once filing bones into the shape, but they were awfully brittle; and I made some more of big nails cut off and set in with a lashing of fine wire around the end to stop the wood splitting. Some Indian arrows have no point but the stick sharpened after it's scorched to harden it." "That sounds easy enough for me," said Sam; "let's make some of them that way."