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This eminent statesman had known me at Berlin, and was present when Frederic had honoured me with saying, C'est un matador de ma jeunesse. He was well read in men, conceived a good opinion of my abilities, and became a friend and father to me. He seated me by his side at table, and asked me, "Why came you here, Trenck?"

They were, generally speaking, hardy, weather beaten men, and the greater proportion half, or more than half drunk. When I entered, I walked up to the landlord. "Yo ho, my young un, whence and whither bound, my hearty?"

One of them seized the little girl, and hoisted her upon his shoulder, while two others supported her gaunt companion, and assisted him towards the waggons. "My name is John Ferrier," the wanderer explained; "me and that little un are all that's left o' twenty-one people. The rest is all dead o' thirst and hunger away down in the south." "Is she your child?" asked someone.

This she kept to herself; it was her wise policy to remain douce comme un lapin blanc, which she did. The night might still see her an accepted part of Michael's cavalcade. The adventure thrilled her with excitement. They had finished their evening meal, which Millicent had supplied a very satisfying and delicate dinner.

"Now what be that black on th' snow handy t' th' rock?" he asked. "'Tis lookin' t' me like a flat sled," said Ed. "We'll have a look at un," suggested Dick, who hurried forward with the others at his heels. Suddenly he stopped, and pointed at the beaten snow and scattered bones and torn clothing, where Micmac John had fought so desperately for his life.

I suppose the great genius touched in me the spirit of our time, which, chit as I was, was common to us both; and the mere fact of my being un enfant du siècle rendered me liable to the infection of the potent, proud, desponding bitterness of his writing.

Us caan't lift it, but if I pull a plank or two out o' the pig's house an' put a harrow chain round 'em, we could get the cross on an' let a horse pull un up theer to the hill, and set un up. Then us would have done all man can." He pointed to the bosom of the adjacent hill, now glowing in great sunset light. "Starve me! but you 'm wise. Us'll set the thing up under the A'mighty's eye.

I do not stand alone in my attitude, by any means, for the book has been discussed in our Philosophical Association, which, as you well know, is composed of some of the brightest men and most profound thinkers in the State; and it was utterly repudiated and denounced as fallacious and un- Christian in its teachings, and calculated to do inestimable harm.

Joe," said the Old Un, sinking his voice to a hoarse whisper, "the hour is come perjooce the cloo!" Hereupon Joe produced a pocketbook and took thence a highly ornate coat button whereto a shred of cloth was attached.

In the mouth of Sixtus V., when anathematizing Elizabeth, malediction turned to madrigal. "Un gran cervello di principessa," he says.