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So we sailed on by hamlet and town, rounded tree-crowned promontores, swep' out into broader vistas stretchin' out like a lake, anon goin' by a big island lookin' like the shore of the mainland, goin' right up aginst it seemin'ly, as if the boat must strike it and git onto wheels and travel as a wagon if it calculated to proceed onwards at all.

Bill received the news in that exasperating silence which is so hard to bear. When urged for an opinion, he said crustily: "Well, what's the girl goin' to do? None of you women would take her she can't starve and she can't sleep in the school woodpile. Mrs. Gray won't bite she's a fine lookin' woman, drives a binder like a man, pays her debts, minds her own business.

He puts his hands on Billy's shoulder, an' lookin' at him, while his eyes is swimmin', he says: "'Billy, you-all is the thoughtfullest pard that ever lived. "'Doby throws so much soul into it, an' him givin' 'way to emotions, it comes mighty near onhingin' Billy. "'I knows I be, he says, shakin' 'Doby by the hand for a minute, 'but, Old Man, you deserves it.

Asaph, who knew very well that Mr. Rooper never allowed any one to suppose that he received suggestions from without, took no notice of the last remark, but went on: "Lookin' at the matter in a friendly way, it seems to me it stands to reason that when the shingles on a man's house is so rotten that the rain comes through into every room on the top floor, and when the plaster on the ceilin' is tumblin' down more or less all the time, and the window-sashes is all loose, and things generally in a condition that he can't let that house without spendin' at least a year's rent on it to git it into decent order, and when a man's got to the time of life "

"Shame, shame on rich cap'talists like Webster's Union to wring two cents from poor drunk chap, for lil' word like 'soon'," he growled, and appealed to the operator. "Couldn't you let me off that two cents?" he asked winningly. "You're good fellow good lookin' fellow too" which was the truth. "Well, then, can I get 'em cheaper 'f I sen 'em by quantity? I'll do that how many for dollar, hey?"

They say the sight when they marched into Los Angeles was somethin' to go hungry for. Of course all Los Angeles went over to such triumphant lookin' rebels, and to-day or to-morrow there's goin' to be a big battle. I only heard this mornin'. Old Sanchez' brother come post haste about two hours ago fur his gun and as many men and horses as he could drum up.

The mysterious voice came again with a note of irritability. "Well, I was restin'. I mus' have some rest, mustn't I? I've been helpin' all mornin'." "Well, couldn't you see we were putting things in?" The unseen presence spoke again. "No, I can't. I wasn't lookin'!" "You can't get out, William," said Mrs. Brown desperately. "We can't move everything again.

They will pay you royally if you'll help me; if you'll go to the nearest police-station an' give 'em a paper I will give yer, with my father's name, an' " He stopped ag'in, an' shet his eyes quick as lightnin'; an' the next minit the pale woman came in quick, an' lookin' awful anxious.

"Why didn't they take you along, too?" "I sure wish they had," Bud answered shortly. "Then I wouldn't of had to be lookin' at that all afternoon." He straightened from the wagon-body he was tinkering and waved a wrench toward the window behind Stratton.

I seed him early this mornin' I wasn't up, but I was lookin' round and I thought from the way he was actin' that he'd set a rabbit-trap and was goin' to see if he'd caught anything, and pretty soon I seed him runnin' like Sam Hill, as if his rabbit had got away from him. But perhaps it wasn't that, and maybe somebody skeered him. Anyway, he's clean gone."