We don't need no more courage got so much now we're skeered of ourselves sometimes. What we need is provisions. Ask the Lord to send us something to eat. That's what we want now " The leader took the interruption in good spirit and added an eloquent request for at least one good meal a day if the Lord in his goodness and mercy could spare it.

I ain't afeard o' a wolf, but ef I didn't hev a rifle, an' you wuzn't with me, I'd be plum' skeered at them twenty back thar, follerin' us lookin' at us an' slaverin'." The shiftless one shook his fist at the king wolf, an enormous beast, the largest that they had ever seen in Kentucky.

I was dat skeered one knee knocked ag'in de udder like a woodpecker a-hammerin' a rotten tree.

I believe in my soul, it was the Indian squaw that went over the Falls in the canoe, or the crazy Englisher, that tried to jump across it. "'Oh creation, how cold it was! The moment that spirit rose, mine fell, and I actilly thought I should have dropt lumpus, I was so skeered. Give me your hand, said Ghost, for I didn't see nothin' but a kinder dark shadow. Give me your hand.

The white sand of the floor of Everett's parlour had stuck to his damp clothes, and he looked like an old half corned miller, that was a returnin' to his wife, arter a spree. A leetle crest fallen for what he had got, a leetle mean for the way he looked, and a leetle skeered for what he'd catch, when he got to home. The way he sloped warn't no matter.

"'Mean by what, sir? asks Joe. "'Putting your black ugly face over the side o' the ship an' frightening my sea-sarpint! bellows the skipper, 'You know how easy it's skeered. "'Frightening the sea-sarpint? ses Joe, trembling all over, an' turning very white. "'If I see that face o' yours over the side agin, my lad, ses the skipper very fierce, 'I'll give it a black eye. Now cut!

No pore-white trash dar; no lame hosses ner blind mules ner wukked down crap-critters, Jes sleek gentlemen's hosses, all on 'em. "Wal, dey went off atter an hour er two, an' I lay dar jes in a puffick lather o' sweat. I was dat dar skeered, I couldn't sleep no mo' dat ar night, an' I darsn't walk on afore day kase I wuz afeared o' meetin' some on 'em.

I've got hit right now," and her hand went toward her bosom as she took a backward step into the brittle weed-stalks that grew by the roadside. But Bas shook his head, and hastened to expound his subtler meaning. "I didn't mean ye war skeered of no bodily vi'lence, Dorothy.

The English are horrid fond of mobs, and I wonder at it too; for of all the cowardly, miserable, scarry mobs, that ever was seen in this blessed world, the English is the wust. Two dragoons will clear a whole street as quick as wink, any time. The instant they see 'em, they jist run like a flock of sheep afore a couple of bull dogs, and slope off properly skeered.

Yep, big as you are, I ain't skeered of you." "Pete! Pete! Whatever is the matter?" gasped Jack, who, with the others, was by this time on his feet. "Matter?" howled Pete. "Matter enough.