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"I allers," said Doane, "approved o' his plan o' leadin' out all the critters, 'fore he touched off the barn. 'Taint everybody 't would hev taken pains to do that. But all the same, I tell Sarai't I feel kind o' skittish, nights, to hev to turn in, feelin' 't there's a convict in the place."

Still I looked, and saw, upon the top of the knoll, in bold relief against the sky, two Indians sitting upon their ponies. One of them held a hand in the air above his head, which Jerry at once said, was the Apache way of asking for a parley. "We'll hev ter give it to 'em, though we must be mighty keerful," continued he, "'cause it's next to sartin, thet therain't no two on 'em out there alone.

"Wal," resumed the American, "I guess every man hez got his own opinions on such things. I hev mine Why, here's Mr. de Vere. Walk right in, sir, an' set down; and Mister Deighton, too. Howdy do, parson? I'm real glad to see you." The moment the visitors entered Blount rose to go, but the missionary, with good-natured, blundering persistency, pressed him back, holding his hand the while.

"Oh well, I wean't stick out," said the farmer rather sulkily; "but Dave's a rare good shot and one of us will hev to go home flat on his back before we get up to yon wood." "He will not dare to fire," said the squire firmly. "I do not agree with you, Mr Winthorpe," said Marston. "The man is desperate, and he will do anything now to escape."

I reckon what ye'll hev t' give me a square answer noo. Ye canna dilly-dally everlastingly. He spoke almost brutally; and she stood, white and gasping, staring at him with large, frightened eyes. The sheep-walk was but a tiny threadlike track: the slope of the shingle on either side was very steep: below them lay the valley; distant, lifeless, all blurred by the evening dusk.

"Let me see!" said Farmer Hartley, as he gathered up the reins and turned old Nancy's head towards the village, while Hildegarde, on the seat beside him, turned back to wave a merry farewell to Nurse Lucy, who stood smiling in the porch. "Let me see! Hev you ben off the farm before, Huldy, sence you kem here?" "Not once!" replied Hilda, cheerily.

These woods are cut by gulleys an' ravines an' they have stony outcrops, but they'll look good by the side o' what you hev passed through." "Encouraging, Giant!" laughed Will. "But hard as all this will be for us to pass over, it will be just as hard for the Sioux, our pursuers." "Young William," said the Little Giant approvingly, "I like to hear you talk that way.

One person said that he enlisted for the honor of his family, that "fit in the American Revolution;" and another came out to "hev a squint et the fightin'." Several were northern and foreign lads, that were working on Carolina railroads, and could not leave the section, and some labored under the impression that they were to have a "slice" of land and a "nigger," in the event of Southern independence.

"Wal, you've answered half of the question. An' now supposin' a lot of my cattle was stolen by rustlers, but not a single one of your sheep. What 'd you think then?" "I'd shore think rustlers chose to steal cattle because there was no profit in stealin' sheep." "Egzactly. But wouldn't you hev a queer idee aboot it?" "I don't know. Why queer? What 're y'u drivin' at, Uncle John?"

"He air the man ez hev got a son," the mountaineers used to say in grinning explanation. "Ter hear him brag 'bout'n that thar boy o' his'n, ye'd think he war the only man in Tennessee ez ever hed a son." Throughout all these years the name given in jocose banter had clung to him, and now, hallowed by ancient usage, it was accorded to him seriously, and had all the sonorous effect of a title.