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"Never saw such a trick. Hello Bess, also howdy Belle. My, isn't it fine to be rescued from a desert island by three pretty girls?" "Wallie! Wallie. There's a stranger aboard," warned Cora. "Oh yes, this is Ben Ben " "Just Ben," interrupted the man at the wheel, with a chuckle. "But he has been so kind," added Cora. "Only for him we should never have found out where you were."

The station agent at Thompsonville was not a little astonished when Auntie Sue and Judy appeared, and, with the easy familiarity of an old acquaintance greeted her with, "Howdy, Auntie Sue! What in thunder are you doin' out this time of the day? No bad news, I hope?" "Oh, no, Mr. Jackson," Auntie Sue answered easily. "I'm just going to Chicago for a little visit with an old friend."

Battle was imminent and the valiant Gibney knew it; wherefore he determined instantly to meet it like a man. "Howdy, men," he saluted them. "Glad to have you aboard the yacht," and he stepped backward to give himself fighting room. "Here's where we collect the towage bill on the S.S. Yankee Prince," Dan Hicks informed him, and leaped from the bulkhead straight down at Mr. Gibney.

He had forgotten to eat, but perhaps Dad would share his meal with him. He pulled open the old pine door and entered. Dad sat at his little table eating, his faithful dog at his feet, patiently waiting for his share of the meal, for he had learned from years of experience that it would be something. "Howdy, Tad, strike it rich to-day?

But he had married an ignorant woman, and had lived so long among his farm hands and tenants that he used their mode of speech. "Yes, it's Susie," said George, shaking hands with his brother. "Howdy, Susie," said Zeke, shaking hands with her. "I see you've got your things with you. Come to stay awhile?" George interrupted. "Susan, go up on the porch and take your bundle."

But he would listen to Lucy, to his mother, to his father, in the hope that they might extricate her from her dilemma. He believed, however, that only extreme measures would ever free her and her father. Pan knew men of the Hardman and Matthews stripe. He stepped out to confront Lucy, smiling and cool. "Howdy, Lucy," he drawled, with the cowboy sang-froid she must know well.

"Gee!" he murmured in an undertone. Then, with an evident effort, he offered a greeting. "Ho, you, Zip! Drawn a blank way up ther' on your mudbank?" Scipio looked up in a dazed fashion. Then he halted and seemed to pull himself together. Finally he spoke. "Howdy?" he said in a mechanical sort of way. "Guess I'm a heap better," responded Sunny, with twinkling eyes.

"It isn't the trips, Jinny There are duties, my dear, pleasant duties Jinny " "Yes?" The Colonel's eye had suddenly fallen on Mr. Hopper, who was still standing at the bottom of the steps. He checked himself abruptly as Eliphalet pulled off his hat, "Howdy, Colonel?" he said. Virginia was motionless, with her back to the intruder, She was frozen by a presentiment.

Lawd, honey! Ef anybody 'spec' you' ole Aunt Fudjinny to stan' off an' axe her baby howdy dey bettah go to de crazy house! Lawd! Lawd! dis de fus' chance I had to hug my own baby since I been a po' ole free niggah!" She held the laughing girl off by the shoulders.

"Howdy, Austen?" said Brush, genially, lookin' for the Honourable Hilary? Flint got up from New York this morning, and sent for him a couple of hours ago. He'll be back at two." "Have you read the pronunciamento?" inquired Mr. Billings. "Say, Austen, knowin' your sentiments, I wonder you weren't one of the twenty prominent citizens." "All you anti-railroad fellers ought to get together," Mr.

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