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She could find a more honourable and fitting means of making peace than by delivering up cities and strongholds so sincerely and confidingly placed in her hands. She hoped to restore them as faithfully as they had loyally been entrusted to her keeping.

You're as big a honourable gent now as ever you was; but, if you was to go to your cousin, sir, he'd call you a impostor." "I'm afraid so, Jerry." "And, if you turn nasty with him, he'll tell you to go down in the country there, and look at your grave." Dick was silent. "But don't you be downhearted, sir. You shall have your rights. What d'ye say to sending a petition to the Queen?

"The above book is advertised by the desire of numbers who have read and admired it." "If to raise the soul to heights of honourable pride is not unworthy so great a mind, praise of this book may be given, though needless, since many request it." "Many curious gentlemen formerly buying their books in London now wish to buy only in New England where so acute a manner of composure is found."

You must excuse these questions, Mr Cruden," added the gentleman, with an amiable smile; "it is necessary to ask them or I would spare you the trouble." "He did die in debt," said Reginald, "but we were able to pay off every penny he owed." "And left nothing for yourself when it was done? Very honourable, my lad; it will always be a satisfaction to you." "It is, sir," said Reginald, cheering up.

"I didn't do anything but get a tourniquet on his leg and have him put on the train." The Honourable Hilary grunted, and continued to regard his son. Then he cut a piece of Honey Dew. "Looks bad, does it?" he said. "Well," replied Austen, "it might have been done better. It was bungled.

Romero himself, whose ship had grounded, sprang out of a porthole and swam ashore, and landed at the very feet of the Grand Commander, who had been standing all day upon the dyke in the midst of a pouring rain, only to be a witness of the total defeat of his fleet. Mondragon now capitulated, receiving honourable conditions.

The editor of "Les Humbles" goes on to clear the ground of what he terms "the false literary vanguard," telling the chauvinist writers what he thinks of them. This lettered poilu, a blunt fellow, does not mince matters: "I have come from this war whose praises you are singing I who write.... I have my honourable mention, my war cross: I never wear it.

Happily for the credit of Christianity and humanity it was discovered and revealed in time by two members of the Romish faith, who were too honourable to sanction such a scheme. These gentlemen, Brianza, priest of Lucerna, and Captain Odetti, gave notice to the Vaudois. Messengers were at once despatched to the mountains.

"I expect to live an honourable life," he said. "I expect to contribute my share to charities, and to take part in in movements." "What kind?" "Whatever appeals to me," he said. Lucy looked at him with grieved wonder. "But you really don't mean to have any regular business or profession at all?" "I certainly do not!" George returned promptly and emphatically.

What do you call it 'Zenith'? Ah, and 'Marcovitch. Yes; you can't better that for drawing-room and garden purposes. It mingles with the flowers. Lean back and enjoy it, while I smell gun-powder. For I will tell you where I first saw the Honourable Jane. Out in South Africa, in the very thick of the Boer war. I had volunteered for the sake of the surgery experience.