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Giendar, replied, See, sir, the faithful witnesses of my obedience, giving him, at the same time, the clothes of the princes. How did they take the punishment I commanded to be executed on them? Giendar answered, With wonderful constancy, sir, and a holy resignation to the decrees of Heaven; which showed how sincerely they professed their religion.

Then, after he and Tooni had mourned sincerely with very little to eat for nine days, there clattered one day a horseman through the village at such a pace that everybody ran out to see.

Sir Ernest Clarke tells me that your Ambulance Sections are quite the best of any in our service, and the more Salvation Army men you can send him, the better he will be pleased. I would again take this opportunity of congratulating you, which I do with all my heart, upon the splendid record of your Army. Yours sincerely,

Parliaments and Protestants, all saw that they had to do not only with a strong-willed king, but with a judicious and clearsighted man, a true French patriot, who was sincerely concerned for the public interest, and who had won his spurs in the art of governing parties by making for each its own place in the state.

I sincerely trust that he will do so; and in that case, if he comes to the head of affairs, I should assuredly serve him as willingly and faithfully as I served Richelieu, knowing that it will be for the good of France." It was, indeed, but a short time after the loss of his great adviser that the king followed him to the tomb.

At the same time, he was no doubt sincerely devoted to the measure, because he believed profoundly in its national character. Local and national interests were so inseparable in his mind, that he could urge the improvement of the Illinois River as a truly national undertaking.

My glance, I sincerely hoped, said nothing, for I hurriedly shut it off lest it should say too much, the astonished thought in my mind being: "Why, Leather Person, you look exactly like a gentleman! You have the air of being the master, and Sir Samuel your servant." He really was a surprise, especially after Lady Kilmarny's warning.

But, poor people! what can they do, with my father lying disabled there? If it was not for their complete disregard for their own interest, I should be inclined to quarrel with them for the way in which they are ruining mine; and I sincerely hope, for the sake of everybody concerned, that Mr. Harness will resist this senseless proposition.

Q, though I have been Acting Major and Lieutenant-Colonel since I got up. "Regards to your father, and believe me, sincerely your friend, "Captain, Co. Q, 200th Ind. Inf. Vols." Maria passed the letter over to Si to read again, and without more ado opened the inclosure.

His manners were suave and deferential, his motives sincerely disinterested in the interests of the Church, his method of gaining his ends unhampered by any sense of the need of extreme verbal accuracy. He was reading to the duke when the children were announced, and rose and bowed low to them as they entered, with a smile of respectful and affectionate interest.