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But he is more likely, I think, to become increasingly aware that whatever restraints are involved in adherence to typical forms are fully compensated by the rich verbal beauty demanded by the traditional arrangement of rhymes. For the sonnet, an intricately wrought model of the reflective lyric, requires a peculiarly intimate union of thinking and singing.

For quite a minute the opponents stood gazing fiercely, and then what had threatened to become a cuffing encounter became verbal. "Look here," cried Burney, "you two will get it for this. What am I to say to the captain?" "Tell him to bowl for himself," said Singh sharply. "Here! Hi! Burney, bring 'em along!" came from across the field and from between Slegge's hands.

But not if it were given you to run in unison with her genius of the tongue, following her verbal ingenuities and feminine silk-flashes of meaning; not if she led you to match her fine quick perceptions with more or less of the discreet concordance of the violoncello accompanying the viol. It is not high flying, which usually ends in heavy falling.

"Nice" women, however wronged, would never claim the kind of freedom he meant, and generous-minded men like himself were therefore in the heat of argument the more chivalrously ready to concede it to them. Such verbal generosities were in fact only a humbugging disguise of the inexorable conventions that tied things together and bound people down to the old pattern.

And he does not quote the scripture for logical purposes to confute Satan intellectually, but as giving even Satan the reason of his conduct. Satan quotes Scripture as a verbal authority; our Lord meets him with a Scripture by the truth in which he regulates his conduct.

The current estimate of the sea-gull as an intellectual force is compressed into the word "gullibility" a verbal monument of contempt. But probably the gull would show no more relish for the compliment than he has hitherto shown distaste for the innuendo; both of them being inedible, and he of a happy disposition, indifferent to purely academic opinions of his rank and station in the universe.

If I only thought he was true," soliloquized this embodiment of truth. Mr. Allen's stock was higher, and Mr. Fox watched the rise grimly, but he saw Edith, who was all smiles and graciousness, and gave him a verbal invitation to her birthday-party which was to take place early in the following week. The fellow had not a little vanity, and was insnared, his suspicions quieted for the time.

Indeed, all, even to Duckbill, would be flattered and demonstrative of pride in the alliance. A fortnight later Duckbill again intercepted me. Since the previous verbal encounter I had gone armed. He carried, somewhat ostentatiously, a tomahawk and a couple of nulla-nullas. "No good you keep'm that fella Tchoosie. Me bin look out plenty. That fella belonga me.

According to one story Linus was brought up by a shepherd, but torn to pieces by his dogs. But, like Maneros, the name Linus or Ailinus appears to have originated in a verbal misunderstanding, and to be nothing more than the cry ai lanu, that is "Woe to us," which the Phoenicians probably uttered in mourning for Adonis; at least Sappho seems to have regarded Adonis and Linus as equivalent.

"Old man," answered Bill, "I didn't bring that box through for money, and I won't take a " Perhaps Wild Bill was about to emphasize his refusal by some verbal addition to the simple statement, but, if it was his intention, he checked himself, and said, "a cent."