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Come, ye fierce ones; come, ye brave ones, come, and do honour to the white lords! Ah, I hear ye! Ah, I smell ye! Ah, I see ye; ye come, ye come!" Hardly had her invocation trailed off into the "Ou, ou, ou, ai, ai, ai," with which it had opened, when there rushed over the edge of the hill, hard by, another figure scarcely less wild, but not so repulsive in appearance.

All is most merry and of good fortune, and our sorrow that Cui Ai is not to wait for the graduation of the class, is now turned to joyfulness. Later, we go with Cui Ai to gaze upon her jewels and fine clothings. Her No. 1 Chest of red lacquer holds many garments of fine silk of soft warmth and richness. In the tray, numberless bracelets, hair-pins, brooches and other ornaments have place.

A few spears and swords stood in the rack about the mast. The athlete bolted the sliding hatch-cover, and tore down the weapons. “Release your wife,” he ordered Phormio; “yonder sea chest is strong. Drag it over to bar the hatch-ladder. Work as Titans if you hope for another sun.” “Ai, ai, ai!” screeched Lampaxo, who had released Lars’s fingers only to resume her din, “we all perish.

If a poet gets a pain in his side from too good a dinner, he bellows Ai Ai louder than Prometheus." "I suppose a poet has a greater sensibility than another man," said Pen, with some spirit. "That is what makes him a poet. I suppose that he sees and feels more keenly: it is that which makes him speak, of what he feels and sees.

But it appeared that she had never heard of Strindberg, Sudermann, or d'Annunzio; and even Bernard Shaw and Oscar Wilde were unfamiliar names. Yume no ai wa Kurushikari keri? Odorokite Kaki-saguredomo Te ni mo fureneba. When, waking up startled One gropes about And there is no contact to the hand.

At the city of Ai, the three thousand men sent to take it were repulsed, in punishment for the sin of Achan, who had taken at the spoil of Jericho, a Babylonian garment and three hundred sheckels of silver and a wedge of gold. After he had expiated this crime, the city of Ai was taken, and all its inhabitants were put to death. The spoil of the city was reserved for the nation.

If they find her with us " He drew his hand across his neck with the whistling sound of a knife. "Who is she then?" asked Martha in astonishment. Michael stooped and whispered in her ear. "Ai! Ai!" exclaimed Martha. "No wonder her hands are delicate and small! Well, we have got to go on with it now. And quickly, too. How will we get out of here? Shall we trust the cars? Do they run?

"God grant you a fortunate journey!" came to us from the group of fur-clad men who surrounded our sledges; and the air trembled with the incessant howls of a hundred wolfish dogs, as they strained impatiently against their broad sealskin collars. "Ai! Maxim!" shouted the ispravnik to our leading driver, "are you all ready?" "All ready," was the reply.

Seeing one man hanged is quite enough in the course of a life. J'y ai ete, as the Frenchman said of hunting. These Arnaoots are the terror of the town. They seized hold of an Englishman the other day, and were very nearly pistolling him. Last week one of them murdered a shopkeeper at Boulak, who refused to sell him a water-melon at a price which he, the soldier, fixed upon it.

One bullock a month is better than fire, together with the kids and the children. Ai!" More dust. Naturally the villagers set down their water skins and jars and copper vessels and flocked about this exceptional holy man.