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Only an inconsiderable part of those present were following the hounds; the others, in a restricted variety of sporting garb the men in knickerbockers and gaiters or riding breeches, the women breeched and severely coated or swathed in wide reddish tweed capes stood, with a scattering of umbrellas and upturned collars, in a semi-circle on the soggy turf.

"I saw a picture once of a Chinese cook on a cattle ranch." "Can a Chinaman cook?" asked Nan, in surprise. "I thought they could only iron shirts and collars." "Some Chinese are very good cooks," explained Mr. Bobbsey. "And Bert is right when he says that on some ranches in the West a Chinese man does the cooking. I don't know whether we shall find one where we are going or not."

Compared with them the lilies of the field are as lilies in the bulb. Their collars are higher, their ties are more resplendent, their frock coats more floppy as to the tail and more flappy as to the lapel, than it is possible to imagine until you have seen it all with your own wondering eyes.

My revolver was not loaded, and all the cartridges were among my shirts and collars, on Finois' back, therefore I could pursue him with nothing more dangerous than anathemas, unless I had deserted the boy, who seemed at first glance to be almost as near fainting as Innocentina. Reluctantly letting the man go free, I bent over the little figure in blue, still on its knees. "Are you hurt?"

In many cities the driver presided as a solitary autocrat; the passengers on entrance deposited their coins in a little fare box. At night tiny oil lamps made the darkness visible; in winter time shivering passengers warmed themselves by pulling their coat collars and furs closely about their necks and thrusting their lower members into a heap of straw, piled almost a foot deep on the floor.

It stung their faces, and they drew their hat brims lower and their coat collars higher to protect themselves from such a cutting blast. "Told you we might have trouble," called Petty, cheerfully, "but if you ride right on through trouble you'll leave trouble behind. Nor this ain't nothin' either to what we kin expect before we git to the top of the pass.

They had been upstairs to smooth out their curls, to put on clean white sleeves and collars, a gold chain, and suchlike little additions, setting themselves off as they were now setting off the tea-table, all in their affectionate welcome to their father. And Dr.

He did not see his bag again, but after all it contained no more than his evening clothes, for which he had paid or rather owed six guineas, four shirts, as many collars and dress ties, a silver-mounted set of brushes and combs, and useless cut-glass bottles, a patented razor, a stick of shaving soap, and two very, very confidential letters which he treasured.

I used to wear this dress at Pratt's, with white collars and cuffs and well, I just put it on again. I had it in the bottom of my trunk, and I guessed you'd like it." "I didn't know you at first," he said, and the pleasure in his face was her reward.

And, moreover, he had spoken with some heat for such a good-tempered man on the shortcomings of Dorothy's laundry work. "We'd better put your collars out," said his wife. "And the shirts," said Mr. Jobson. "Nothing looks worse than a bad got-up cuff." "You're getting quite dressy," said his wife, with a laugh. Mr. Jobson eyed her seriously. "No, mother, no," he replied.