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He leaned back, entirely happy, and it seemed confusedly to him that what little he had heard of his learned and affectionate friend's advice gratefully confirmed his own theory that what one wanted was friends a "nice wife" folks. "Yes, sir, by golly! It was awfully nice of the Doc."

The water at least cooled his lips; and the tender, affectionate words of his friend, and the tears of sympathy that fell upon his countenance, at last cooled the fire that burned in his soul. Happy is be who can impart his grief to others, whom Fate does not compel to confine it within his own bosom, and let it gnaw at his vitals.

The Sonnets I will send you with the Musings. God love you! From your affectionate friend, S. T. Coleridge." Mr. Coleridge at this time meditated the printing of two volumes of his poems. He thus expresses his intention. "I mean to have none but large poems in the second volume; none under three hundred lines; therefore I have crowded all my little pieces into this."

I am happy to add that from this hour he gained a complete victory over the evil habit which well-nigh had proved his ruin; and in after years, when peace and prosperity again smiled upon them, he often called to mind the evening when his affectionate and devoted wife, by her watchful love, saved him from ruin, and perchance from the drunkard's grave.

The friends got up and walked in silence along the sea-front. When they reached the boulevard, they stopped and shook hands at parting. "You are awfully spoilt, my friend!" Samoylenko sighed. "Fate has sent you a young, beautiful, cultured woman, and you refuse the gift, while if God were to give me a crooked old woman, how pleased I should be if only she were kind and affectionate!

'You can get away in time for that, I suppose, said Harry. 'Well, I'll try and manage it, said Charley, laughing. Nothing could be kinder, nay, more affectionate, than Norman had been to his fellow-lodger during the last year and a half.

Was I not authorized, by my previous though slender intercourse, to seek her presence? Suppose I should enter Mrs. Villars's house, desire to be introduced to the lady, accost her with affectionate simplicity, and tell her the truth? Why be anxious to smooth the way? why deal in apologies, circuities, and innuendoes?

They chatter fluently about literature, the theater, music, art, and know a surprising number of celebrities in this and other countries particularly in London. They are good linguists and marvelous dancers. They are respectful, well mannered, modest, and mildly affectionate; but somehow they do not seem to belong to me. They have no troubles of which I am the confidant.

Maria'll tell you that I says to her only last night, I says, 'Maria, you needn't feel so cut up 'bout askin' Myrtella fer the rent this month, because this is her home, too. There ain't a board in it but I'd share with her, she knows that. You tell her all I said, Maria, don't you keep back nothin'. Farewell!" and with an affectionate glance and a wave of the hand Phineas departed.

Then in a second more, she was again the humble, affectionate Draxy, whom all the women and all the little children knew and loved; looking round on them with an appealing expression, she said, "Dear friends, I hope I have not done wrong in standing up here and taking it upon me to read such solemn words. I felt that Mr. Kinney would like to speak to you once more through me."