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'They are much smaller this year, he would observe, 'than they were last year. The priests would reply: 'Oh, you are honourably mistaken; they are in truth very much larger. 'The colour is not so white this year as it was last year; and the rice-flour is not finely ground. For all these imaginary faults of the mochi the priests would offer elaborate explanations or apologies.

He will be full of regrets and apologies to our Government, but that won't help Threewit or Frank any." "Don't you think he's bluffing? Pasquale hasn't a thing against either of them. He surely wouldn't murder them in cold blood." "I don't know whether he is or not. But it's up to me to sit in and take cards. They went down to Noche Buena on my account. I'm going down on theirs."

They have nice apologies for public taste always on hand; set the country by the ears now and then; and amuse themselves with carrying on the most prudent description of wars. His own isolated condition, however, is uppermost in his mind. Poverty and wretchedness stare him in the face on one side; chivalry, on the other, has no bows for him while daylight lasts.

In the genial summer-time, the accomplishment of the proposed visit would be impossible, for at that period the baroness expected to become a mother. Such were the apologies which Franval seemed almost glad to be able to send to his sisters in France. The marriage was, in the strictest sense of the term, a happy one.

Falconer had been standing before him and upon how much loftier a level. Many a time of old, while visiting the house, he had grown tired of Amy; but he had never felt wearied by her. For Amy he was always making apologies to his own conscience; she needed none.

Our fellows looked capable of any kindness to their wards short of letting them go. They were a most friendly company, with an effect of picnicking there among the sweet-fern and blueberries, where they had pitched their wooden tents with as little disturbance to the shrubbery as possible. One always accepts the apologies of a man with a Gatling gun to back them, and I retreated.

"Surely dinner can't be served already!" she exclaimed. "Come in." Very much to their surprise, it was Sir Timothy himself who entered. He was in evening dress and wearing several orders, one of which Francis noted with surprise. "My apologies," he said.

De Grissac think of it they will puzzle their brains over that cipher for weeks and weeks and they will discover nothing nothing! Is it not splendid!" He grasped the Ambassador's hand and embraced him with ardor. "Magnificent! Superb!" The Ambassador was no less overjoyed. "Young man," he said, "we owe you the deepest apologies. No one could have done better.

To appear cool and careless was the great effort of his mind. "We were introduced one day in the Piazza d'Armi," said Ammiani. "I would have found means to convey my apologies to you for my behaviour on that occasion, but I have been at the mercy of my enemies. Lieutenant Pierson, will you pardon me? I have learnt how dear you and your family should be to me.

For a long moment his glance locked with Rip's, then he roared with laughter. Rip grinned his relief. "My apologies, sir." "Accepted," O'Brine chuckled. "I'm rather sorry I don't have an excuse for dumping you in the space pot, though, Foster. Your explanation is acceptable, but I have a suspicion that you enjoyed calling me names." "I might have," Rip admitted, "but I wasn't in very good shape.