I should think he would hate the place." "Yes," said the girl, with a quivering sigh; "it must be hateful to him." She paused, and then she rushed on with bitter self-reproach. "And I I have helped to make it so! O Mrs. Bowen, perhaps it's I who have been trifling with him Trying to make him believe no, not trying to do that, but letting him see that I sympathised Oh, do you think I have?"

Thinking it might possibly be in the enjoyment of the elective franchise, he gave it a cordial and earnest grasp. On letting it go he observed that a portion of it adhered to his fingers, and running to a brook in great alarm he proceeded to wash it off.

After all you have said, she would be the lawful prize of any tug-boat in the bay that could capture her. I begin to realize that I should be guilty of treason to my country in letting her go." "You must be your own judge in regard to that," replied Horatio bitterly, as he rose from his chair and walked towards the door. "One word more, Horatio.

"I don't give a damn what you expected to see," said Mr. Anthony Cardew. "I want to see my daughter." "Your daughter? You have said for a good many years that you have no daughter." "Stand aside, sir. I didn't come here to quibble." "But I love to quibble," sneered Doyle. "However, if you insist I might as well tell you, I haven't the remotest intention of letting you in."

The first week of her service she was obedient and faithful to her duties; but, relaxing in the atmosphere of a house which seems to demoralize all menials, she shortly fell into disorderly ways of lying in wait for callers out of doors, and, when people rang, of running up the front steps, and letting them in from the outside.

He held out the hen to me, and at this point a hitch occurred. He did his part, the letting go, all right. It was in my department, the taking hold, that the thing was bungled. Aunt Elizabeth slipped from my grasp like an eel, stood for a moment eyeing me satirically with her head on one side, then fled and entrenched herself in some bushes at the end of the lawn.

When they had got about 100 yards from shore, we ran in round the Elba to try and help them, letting go the anchor in the shallowest possible water; this was about sunset. Suddenly some one calls out he sees the cable at the bottom: there it was, sure enough, apparently wriggling about as the waves rippled.

Why, if she charged me with stooping to folly, I would merely say, 'Sorry to undeceive you, ma'am; but I've been too much given to letting "I dare not" wait upon "I would," like the poor bandicoot i' the adage. But I certainly shouldn't concern myself with a question lying entirely between herself and Saint Peter." "Ah! but you're different," replied the girl sadly.

I had no doubt my attendants would camp out in the neighbourhood of the village, and I therefore told the chief that I would take my departure, accompanied by Mango, and camp with them, to be ready to start on the following morning. I found, however, that he had no intention of letting me go so easily, and insisted that I must pass the night in his village.

His brigade-major, a V.C. captain with gentle eyes and a kindly charming manner; his staff captain, a brisk hard-bitten soldier, with a reputation for never letting the Brigade go hungry; the signal officer, the intelligence officer, and other junior members of the staff, were seated round the same table. "What about the nd Brigade?" I heard the General say, mentioning our Brigade.