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He did not know himself; like a man catching at a straw, he suddenly felt that he, too, 'could live, that there was still life for him, that his life had not died with the old woman. Perhaps he was in too great a hurry with his conclusions, but he did not think of that. "But I did ask her to remember 'Thy servant Rodion' in her prayers," the idea struck him.

He was more grieved than indignant. A woman with dark hair and long gypsy earrings had suddenly laughed at him when he sat down beside her. Mary patted his arm. "I know, Charlie. But you don't understand. My turn in a few minutes, Rachel. We'll wait here till the Chekov thing comes on. Do you know Felixson? He's got a wonderful thing for the bill after this. A religious play. Awfully strong.

The glass of the bell was clouding. A swirling, milky vapor, not unlike fog, was filling the bell from top to bottom. The dog, rapidly being hidden from sight by the gathering mist, suddenly stopped its antics and stood still in the center of the bell as though overcome by surprise and indecision.

But before he could come to any satisfactory conclusion on that point he and Bounce found themselves suddenly in the midst of the cavalcade, which had halted on the summit of the ridge, in order to allow them to come up.

The almost insuperable difficulty of getting rid of a human body is not appreciated until the murderer suddenly finds himself face to face with it. "In the case that you are suggesting, the choice would seem to lie between burial on the premises or dismemberment and dispersal of the fragments; and either method would be pretty certain to lead to discovery."

"Unless," her breast suddenly heaved "he was not drowned, after all; he " A sudden shot from the park rang out; the coin fell from the girl's hand; other shots followed. She ran out upon the balcony, a stifled cry on her lips; she stared off, but only the darkness met her gaze.

John Oakhurst, gambler. But for once the Great Master of Avarice had not taken into sufficient account the avarice of others, and was suddenly and virtuously shocked to learn that an application for a patent for certain lands, known as the "Red-Rock Rancho," was about to be offered before the United States Land Commission. This claim covered his mining property.

In his heart he was vowing to rescue this fair lady from the dangers which beset her, though he said jokingly with his lips: "If a husbandman has to do with a tiller I may claim some expert knowledge, Miss Maxwell." Elsie dared not meet his eyes; a flood of understanding had suddenly poured its miraculous waters over her.

He was calling on her one morning when the sick daughter, who, by the way, had been given up by her physician, was taken suddenly and alarmingly worse; in the emergency Dr.

If we spoke, it was in low whispers, when we were close together. "I am pretty well satisfied that no Indians are here," observed Mr Tidey, "still we must be prudent, and run no unnecessary risk." Again we advanced, when suddenly he made a sign for me to stop. A rustling in the brushwood had reached his ear. I heard it also; it came from a spot some way ahead.