Nevertheless, I have taken care, much to my vexation, to weed from the manuscripts the old words, which, in spite of their age, were still strong, and which would have shocked the ears, astonished the eyes, reddened the cheeks and sullied the lips of trousered maidens, and Madame Virtue with three lovers; for certain things must be done to suit the vices of the age, and a periphrase is much more agreeable than the word.

When Granny's tea-time came and the children did not appear, Madam naturally asked what was delaying them. "Oh, then, indeed, madam, you mustn't expect to see them to-night! They've been gettin' into mischief, and I can't bring them here to you." Gran'ma was shocked. "Now, Nancy," she said, "are you not too severe upon them, and for the first fault? They have been doing so beautifully."

Janice was rather shocked by this conclusion. Frank had seemed so clear up to this point. And then he slumped right down and practically asked her: "What are you going to do about it?" "Oh, dear me!" cried Janice Day, faintly, "I don't know. I can't think. We must find some way of tracing the real thief. Oh! how can I think of that, when here poor 'Rill and Hopewell are in trouble?" "Never mind!

The roar of rain sounded like the steady roar of the rapids of a river. Then a blue-white, piercingly bright, ragged streak of lightning shot down out of the black cloud. It struck with a splitting report that shocked the very wall of rock under Ellen. Then the heavens seemed to burst open with thundering crash and close with mighty thundering boom.

Perhaps, darling, I'd have become an awfully naughty Rosamund had it not been for Irene poor little wild Irene; but she was really and truly much naughtier than I ever thought of being, and her example shocked me and pulled me up, and I resolved to try to be good for her sake. "But I do like Professor Merriman, although I know he does not like me; and I believe they are very poor.

He met Erlingsen's eye full of severity, and was quiet; but his countenance still glowed with exultation. The rest of the company was greatly shocked at these daring insults to Nipen: and none more so than Peder.

He wiped his face, which was red with haste and exhaustion, and shook his head. He was sincerely shocked and grieved, to do him justice; but underneath there was also a certain satisfaction in the thought that he had foreseen it, and that his suspicions were verified. "My dear, I am very glad he had not become intimate in our house," said Mr Morgan; "that would have complicated matters sadly.

This being the case, the course of Arabella's love did not, it may be supposed, run very smooth, for her father told her very decidedly that he was not going to have "that monkey-faced fellow" coming about his house. Shocked at such vulgar language, Arabella replied "Gracious me, father! Don't speak in that way of Mr. De Courci. He's a French count, travelling in disguise." "A French monkey!

Because for years, away down hidden somewhere inside him, he had doubted his mother; for years he had, shocked at himself, covered up and trampled on these unworthy doubts indignantly.

Miss Fairfield, I beseech you, don't do it up in fillets and things; leave it just as it is, DO!" "Indeed I won't," said Patty, and she ran away to her own room to put her curly locks in order. She was quite shocked at the mirrored picture of tousled tresses, and did it all up a little more severely than usual, by way of amends.