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She would not acknowledge even to herself that she doubted him; and all her words, all her thoughts even, expressed a firm belief in his innocence; but a ghastly terror had lurked in some hidden recess of her consciousness. It haunted her soul like a mysterious shadow which there was no bodily shape to explain.

Your figure and walk, when a short distance away, attracted my attention, and knowing your disguise was that of an apprentice I made sure it was you. Then as you came closer I doubted, and though I ventured upon saying the name of our lord, I scarce thought that you would reply." "Where are the others, Robert?" "They are walking about separately seeking for you.

Letters and newspapers poured in upon me, asking all manner of absurd questions, until I often wept with vexation. So many things, that I had neither thought nor said, were attributed to me that, at times, I really doubted my own identity.

It was not that I doubted your philosophy; you know that those who precede their age learn too soon the uncertainty of all human affairs; but I feared lest your taste for your early avocations might induce you to abandon public affairs, for which you have evinced such ready ability; and we are not rich enough to make sacrifices.

Rowena alone, too proud to be vain, paid her greeting to her deliverer with a graceful courtesy. Her demeanour was serious, but not dejected; and it may be doubted whether thoughts of Ivanhoe, and of the uncertainty of his fate, did not claim as great a share in her gravity as the death of her kinsman.

Is it, as all the sages have said, the pursuit of some eternal good, the identification of the self with it the 'dying to live'? And is this the real meaning at the heart of Christianity? at the heart of all religion? the everlasting meaning, let science play what havoc it please with outward forms and statements?" Had he, perhaps, doubted the soul? He groaned aloud.

"I hope he'll like it, but I don't know," the author doubted. "He will," smiled Polly. In a moment the package was ready. "It is so good of you to do it!" Miss Twining looked very happy. "I love to do such errands as this," laughed Polly. "I'll be in to-morrow to tell you about it." "I didn't see the minister," Polly reported to Miss Twining. "He and his wife were both away.

Warren the printer, an assured Cavalier, obliterated what was most offensive, put in other more significant words, and desired only to have six amended against next morning, which very honestly he brought me. I told him my design was to deny the book found fault with, to own only the six books. I told him, I doubted he would be examined. 'Hang them, said he, 'they are all rogues.

I knew if they saw me they would know me; and I concluded, if they knew me, they would stop me and inquire after my father, and I doubted how I should come off with them. This doubting brought weakness on me, and that weakness led to contrivance how I might avoid this trial.

He thrust a weapon into the hand of his other enemy, and bade this other enemy use it; worse than that, forced him to strike the man he honored the man he loved. Burrell never doubted that Stark had carefully weighed the effect of this upon Necia, and had reasoned that a girl like her could not understand a soldier's duty if it meant the blood of a parent.