At least they must acknowledge the edifice was boldly designed, and if I live, God willing, it shall rise." Frederick commenced the campaign against the house of Hapsburg with all the energy and bold courage of former days. The diplomats had once more been permitted to seek the arts of negotiation, and, these having failed, the king advanced rapidly, and entered Bohemia with his advance-guard.

"I should be proud to serve you, sir; but you must acknowledge that Lord Avon has the prior claim. If he will release me " "You may go, Ambrose; you may go!" cried Lord Avon. "You are an excellent servant, but your presence has become painful to me." "Thank you, Ned," said my uncle. "But you must not leave me so suddenly again, Ambrose." "Permit me to explain the reason, sir.

Nevertheless, he was obliged to acknowledge that this horrible, if commonplace experience of Weir's had taken possession of his mind, and refused to be evicted. The scene kept presenting itself in all its details again and again, and finally he jumped to his feet in disgust and determined to go to the long gallery which overhung the sea, and watch the storm.

Do you know, Maurice," looking straight at him with a defiant little mien, "I'm more glad that I can tell you that I don't care a ha'penny about you, because if I did you would break my heart." "You have a high opinion of me!" says Maurice. "That I acknowledge. But, regarding me as you do, I wonder you ever had the courage to marry me!" "Well, even you are better than Uncle George," says she.

"But," I said, "I am sure the Bishop knows, and will acknowledge, the great difference between these two." Then, changing his tone, he said, "Now, come, there's a good fellow, don't preach at the Town Hall." "My dear man," I answered, "I am not a 'good fellow' at all I cannot give it up." "Then," he said, "at least please to defer your address for a week, till we can get the Bishop's decision."

John Bull would have stared, however, if called upon to acknowledge her as a daughter; for Yankee vulgarity and English vulgarity are very different in character the first having the most pretension, the last the most coarseness. These ladies had scarcely driven from the door, before Mrs. Wyllys exclaimed: "Is it possible, Agnes, that these Hubbards are a good specimen of the Longbridge people!"

Still mute still silent? answer me by word or sign Do you really call and acknowledge him as your leader?" The men in armour with one accord nodded their casques in reply to Jorworth's question, and then remained motionless as before.

We ask men to acknowledge realities and dismiss fictions. When you have sifted all the learned sermons ever preached, you will find very little good grain. Theology deals with dreams and phantasies, and gives no guidance to practical men. The whole truth of life may be summed up in a few words. Happiness is the only good, suffering the only evil, and selfishness the only sin.

She was not, however, quite prepared for what she saw; and the quick, curious, half-admiring gleam which shot into her eye told that she had not failed to acknowledge the exceeding loveliness of that fair face, and the natural grace and dignity displayed in the young wife's attitude.

Men generally will acknowledge in words that they are sinners, but they wait for some far-distant day to come, when they shall be pricked in the heart, and feel the truth of what they say. Men generally are not conscious of the dreadful reality of sin, any more than they are of the solemn reality of eternity.