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"Will you preach for me next Sunday?" "What, and make myself a target for saloon-keepers? No, thank you. I have half a mind to forbid you ever preaching again. It will be the death of you." "It is the life of me, Sarah. I would not ask anything better than to die with the armor on, fighting evil. Well, all right. I won't talk any more. I suppose there's no objection to my thinking a little?"

Creeton, the great Scotchman, and chaplain in ordinary to the King, preach before the King, and Duke and Duchesse, upon the words of Micah: "Roule yourselves in dust." He made a most learned sermon upon the words; but in his application, the most comical man that ever I heard in my life.

"Cook," here interposed Stubb, accompanying the word with a sudden slap on the shoulder, "Cook! why, damn your eyes, you mustn't swear that way when you're preaching. That's no way to convert sinners, cook!" "Who dat? Den preach to him yourself," sullenly turning to go. "No, cook; go on, go on." "Well, den, Belubed fellow-critters:"

So she read the fourth commandment in an even slower and more snuffling voice, thinking thus to give solemnity to the act, just as she had seen many friars do. Aunt Isabel had never heard a Quaker preach or she would also have trembled. The sick girl, in the meantime, raised the handkerchief to her eyes several times and her breathing became more noticeable.

Those who noted his departure from the camp remembered with pleasure that he was to preach again on the morrow. He was going to commune with God in the depths of the forest, that the Message next day might be clearer and more luminous still. Theron strolled for a little, with an air of aimlessness, until he was well outside the more or less frequented neighborhood of the camp.

For once James Oliver was undone. He hesitated, stammered and then exclaimed in flat contradiction, "Madam, you never heard me preach!" "Why, aren't you Robert Collyer the Reverend Robert Collyer?" "Not I, madam. My name is Oliver, and I make plows," was the proud reply.

Next day, another message came from the khan, desiring again to know on what account I had come to his court; to which I answered, that this might be known from the letters of Bantu. But they said that these letters were lost, and the khan had forgotten their contents, and would know of me. Somewhat emboldened by this, I said, "The duty and office of our religion is to preach the gospel unto all.

"I knew they was up to something. I heered 'em out there;" and he patiently lit his lantern, and went out to cut the minister free; but the Rev. Mr. Rivers did not come to the Wallencamp school-house to preach again.

Very few of them had a rôle. This council was a kind of sacred college or senate, destined only to represent tradition and a spirit of conservatism. It finished by being relieved of every active function, so that its members had nothing to do but to preach and pray; but as yet the brilliant feats of preaching had not fallen to their lot.

"I understand all this, Augusta," I answered. "Yet it would seem that you are not happy. Did you not tell me just now that you could not find a friend and that you had begotten a fool?" "Happy, Olaf? Why, I am wretched, so wretched that often I think the hell of which the priests preach is here on earth, and that I dwell in its hottest fires.