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One of them got one of its luminous disks exactly in the field of a magnifying window, and King Richard, who happened to have his eye in the focus, started back with a cry of alarm. "I cannot describe what I saw," the king wrote in his notebook.

On either side of the road were high walls with tall cypresses behind which cast their deep shadows over the highway, rendering it dark around the entrance. I glanced at my luminous wristwatch a relic of my war service and found that it still wanted ten minutes to eleven.

The finished lamp is then photometrically tested, and placed on a support something like the Edison mounting. Upon it are engraved the working constants. As an ordinary practical result, these lamps, working with 50 volts and 1.15 amperes, give a luminous intensity of 20 candles, or the equivalent in luminous spherical intensity of 1.1 Edison A lamps.

After all, I had outwitted circumstance, I had gained the prize, I could afford to wait a little. We should talk it over to-morrow, no, to-day. The luminous face of the city hall clock reminded me that midnight was long past.... I awoke with the consciousness of a new joy, suddenly to identify it with Nancy. She was mine!

On came the gleaming colours of Italy, not a single light extinguished during the long, slow passage down the Canal; nor did the floating escort seem diminished by so much as a single boat. A crimson bengal light was flushing the face of the Salute, as the luminous apparition halted before it, and a burst of music rose from the barge.

She had lain still while it descended the staircase, but then the sharp neighing of a horse had awakened an irresistible curiosity in her. She had got up, wrapped herself in a fur coat and slipped out on to the verandah. The sun was not above the horizon line of the desert, but the darkness of night was melting into a luminous grey. The air was almost cold.

Oratory does not consist in telling it all you select the truth you wish to drive home; in literature, in order to make your point, you must leave things out; and in painting you must omit. Selection is the vital thing. The Japanese see one single lily-stalk swaying in the breeze and the hazy, luminous gray of the atmosphere in which it is bathed just these two things.

The farmer foddering his cattle, or drawing manure afield, or leading his horse to water; the pedestrian crossing the hill below; the children wending their way toward the distant schoolhouse, the eye cannot help but note them: they are black specks upon square miles of luminous white. What a multitude of sins this unstinted charity of the snow covers! How it flatters the ground!

He had utterly forgotten the scene within, and at the first glance it startled him. Cariboo Blanche was crying softly to herself. Her eyes were luminous and moist, and, as he looked, a lone tear stole down her cheek. Bishop's face had gone serious.

Fortunately, in the case of Algol and some thirty or forty other stars, an extinct sun betrays its existence by flitting across the light of a luminous sun, and recent research has made it probable that the universe is strewn with dead worlds.

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