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One could not say exactly how or why it should have been so, but it is a fact that, while crouching Finn gazed upon and crept closer to that camp-fire, his mind was full of affectionate thoughts and memories of the Master, and of the old days of their happy companionship. Up till this evening he had not thought of the Master for many days.

Why, when you were here a month ago you spent three thousand, not fifteen hundred, everybody knows that.” “Who knows it? Who counted the money? Did I let any one count it?” “Why, you told every one yourself that you’d spent exactly three thousand.” “It’s true, I did. I told the whole town so, and the whole town said so. And here, at Mokroe, too, every one reckoned it was three thousand.

"And you kinda look like a robin, too; you're allus dressed so neat." "Exactly," he chuckled. "Robins are the very neatest dressers of all the birds. But look! Like a real robin, I've brought spring with me." He opened a huge box of long-stemmed roses and held their cool, dewy buds against Ma Briskow's withered face, then, laughing and chatting, he arranged them in vases where she could see them.

The second supply of wine was ordered, and Jalaladdeen took his first goblet with great hesitation; but this was soon dissipated by his friends, and his cup was filled again and again, till he became exactly in the same condition as on the previous occasion.

It was a pleasure, because as soon as I comprehended the fact that these applicants desired to rent my house I wished them to have it. The family consisted of an elderly gentleman and his wife, with a daughter of twenty or thereabout. This was a family that suited me exactly.

Now Charles was not exactly frighten'd, for he was a lively fellow, and had often been at the country merry-makings, and at the parties of the place; but he was certainly rather abash'd at his abrupt introduction to the midst of strangers. So, putting the glass aside, he look'd up with a pleasant smile in his new acquaintance's face.

He wanted to know about their old friend; where he was now, and whether there was any chance of getting a line sent to him. He did not mind paying for a drink to-night, he said, if Jost would tell him exactly what he knew about Dietrich; they ought to hang together, they three, who had known each other ever since they were children.

MAURY: Shut up, you saphead. There is a connection. DICK: What is it then? I seem to have forgotten exactly. Something about the bees eating the clover. FOURTH YOUNG MAN: And the clover eating the mice! Haw! Haw! They're going to take the picture, I guess. No, that's afterward. OTIS: Cable, you take the ragtime bridesmaid. FOURTH YOUNG MAN: I wish to God I'd sent that present.

The good, gossiping city of Berlin, the whole land, even the imperial court and the whole world, which seems to interest itself so much in the marriage of our Prince, will then soon have an opportunity of learning directly and reliably what is the state of affairs, and that is exactly what seems to me desirable, and was the motive for our question.

It was so exactly like some movie thrill, planned carefully in advance, rehearsed perhaps under the critical eye of the director, and done now with the camera man turning calmly the little crank and counting the number of film feet the scene would take.