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Its necropolis has lately enriched the new Gregorian museum with some of its most precious treasures, consisting in gold ornaments of the person, in silver and painted vases etc. of very ancient and admirable execution. See Nibby, Analisi storico-topografica etc. as also Grifi. M. lib. Missae T. 2. dis. 1. Also Renaudot. X, c. 5.

This is real. . . . It's getting rather cold tonight. I must run in and see if Susette is warm." She still felt Amy's presence. Out of the various rooms certain pictures, chairs and vases forced themselves upon her attention. For some time past she had disliked them. It seemed to her at moments as though she could not have them here. She knew what they were waiting for now.

The Huns were ambitious of displaying those riches which were the fruit and evidence of their victories; the trappings of their horses, their swords, and even their shoes were studded with gold and precious stones; and their tables were profusely spread with plates, and goblets, and vases of gold and silver, which had been fashioned by the labor of Grecian artists.

Granting, then, that elements in the worship of Dionysus, Aphrodite, and other gods, may have been imported with the strange AEgypto-Assyrian vases and jewels of the Sidonians, we still find the same basis of rude savage ideas.

They reached to the balustrade, they threw themselves back again, and then began once more, attracting the crowd to them by the dizziness of their motion with its accompanying blood and shrieks. By degrees people came into the end of the passages; they flung into the flames pearls, gold vases, cups, torches, all their wealth; the offerings became constantly more numerous and more splendid.

He had met her mother, had seen her in her home doing feminine things, sewing on lengths of pink and blue filling the vases with the flowers that he brought. And as they had met and talked his veins had been filled with new wine. He had never known intimately such a woman. His mother transplanted from the East by her marriage to a Western man had turned her eyes always backward.

Instantly seven of his people, with an obedient start, went headlong at our friends, seated them at a table, and put fifteen many-coloured soups before them, in little silver bowls, and as many wines in crystal vases. "Nay, father, let us not eat until we have thanked our good friend," said Margaret, now first recovering from all this bustle. "Girl, he is our guardian angel."

We three used to delight in changing the tickets on the vases, snuff-boxes, fans, and jewels, and then when poor M. Masson came back with a rich customer for Masson the antiquary enjoyed a world-wide reputation Sophie and I used to hide so that we should see his fury. Cecile, with an innocent air, would be helping her mother, and glancing slyly at us from time to time.

And say the vases are come. I thought your mother would wish us to have the large ones, so I put them in the Church. They are £3." Babie thought Jock's face was dazed when he came among the lights in Church, and that he moved and responded like an automaton, and she could hardly get a word out of him all the way home.

Here were hangings of flowered chintz; fantastic divans; lounge-chairs of every conceivable shape and hue; great Indian jars; richly framed drawings; stands of exotic plants; Chinese cages, filled with valuable birds from distant climes; folios of engravings; and, above all, a large cabinet in marqueterie, crowded with bronzes, Chinese carvings, pastille burners, fans, medals, Dresden groups, Sévres vases, Venetian glass, Asiatic idols, and all kinds of precious trifles in tortoise-shall, mother o'-pearl, malachite, onyx, lapis lazuli, jasper, ivory, and mosaic.

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