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Domingos said he was sure it was hid away somewhere, and Duppo agreed with him. We hunted about anxiously, but nowhere could we discover it. Believing that it had altogether gone away, we told Ellen and her companions that they might venture out. Ellen came fearlessly, but Maria and the Indian girl were evidently far from satisfied, and I saw them glancing round anxiously in every direction.

Glancing at Pickering, I was prompted to believe that he was in a state of beatific exaltation which weighed Madame Blumenthal's smiles and frowns in an equal balance. They were equally hers; they were links alike in the golden chain. He looked at me with eyes that seemed to say, "Did you ever hear such wit? Did you ever see such grace?"

Watching with eager eyes, we see at length the water breaking some forty yards away, and the head and back of an animal appears in sight. Now another, and then a third, come into view. After cautiously glancing around, the creatures dive, with a roll like that of a porpoise, but shortly appear again. Our Indian, pushing the light canoe from amid the grass, paddles forward with eager strokes.

There was a knock at the door, a few moments later. The waiter entered, bearing a card upon a tray, which he handed to Katharine. She read it with a perplexed frown. "Sir Denis Cathley. But I don't know of any one of that name," she declared, glancing up. "Are you sure that he wants to see me?" "Perhaps I had better explain," a quiet voice interposed from outside. "May I come in?"

"Nothing but salt fish for dinner," wailed Mrs. Snow, as the shadow of the coming event fell upon her. "Van will make a fool of himself, and ruin everything," sighed Polly, glancing at the ring on her finger. "I know she'll kiss me; she never will let a fellow alone," growled Toady, scowling darkly.

"You are safe now," he repeated, "as for Ronald, if Chichester's silence can save him, you need grieve no more, and " "Ah!" she cried, glancing up suddenly, "what do you mean?" "That I must go, my lady, and and oh, my dear love, this harder way is very hard to tread. If we should meet no more after tonight, remember that I loved you as I always have done and always must, humble fellow though I am.

"I trust, sir, you didn't hurt him more than was necessary?" "Rest assured of it, madam." "Heaven is very kind to have brought me out of such danger and set me safe in the care of gentlemen," said she, glancing from one to other of us. "Rest assured of this also, madam!" said I, while Anthony looked from her to me with shining eyes.

The almost complete absence of windows made it impossible to orient one's self by glancing occasionally at some object of known position outside; the frequent turns in the passages and changes of level in the floors were very confusing; the small courtyards which admitted light to the interior afforded no outlook, and I simply roamed from bastion to bastion and from corridor to corridor, without knowing where I was, or what relation the place in which I stood bore to the castle as a whole.

At that moment the sounds of wheels in the avenue was heard, and a moment or two afterwards Mademoiselle Le Brun entered the school-room and put a little parcel into Florence's hand. "There, my dear," she said. Florence let it lie just where it was. "Thank you," she answered; "you did your best?" "Yes, dear, I did my best." The governess left the room without even glancing at Kitty.

She only half rose to give him her unwounded hand, and when he was gone she sank back again thoughtfully. "I have outstayed all the rest," Lindsay said, with his hat and stick in his hand, in Alicia Livingstone's drawing-room, "because I want particularly to talk to you. They have left me precious little time," he added, glancing at his watch.