If she had died a dozen years before she would have been truly and tearfully mourned, and now when everyone tacitly felt that she had outstayed her welcome, she lingered on.

Such a night it was that brought him a small misfortune and a great triumph. On that confounded Völkermarkt Hump his cart had got onto the slope, while he was still filled with the echoes of the sweetness for the sake of which he had outstayed his time in Lippitzbach. There he had been received as the outstretched arms of the trees welcome the roaring Föhn, or the waiting spring earth a warm rain.

She came late, and outstayed them all. A Quaker, or Friend, as they call themselves. I think this woman was known by that name in heaven. A homely body, coarsely dressed in gray and white. She watched them all sitting on the end of the pallet, holding his head in her arms with the ferocity of a watch-dog, if any of them touched the body.

'O my brother, said Kemerezzeman, 'what is this thou hast done and how will it profit us? 'Know, answered Merzewan, 'that thy father, when he finds that we have outstayed the night for which we had his leave, will mount and follow in our track till he comes hither; and when he sees the blood and thy clothes torn and bloodied, he will deem thee to have been slain of highway robbers or wild beasts; so he will give up hope of thee and return to his city, and by this devise we shall gain our end. 'By Allah, said Kemerezzeman, 'this is indeed a rare device!

We were, in local parlance, "bust." Prospectors start for Swaziland Rumors as to their fate MacLean and I decide to follow them Precautions against lions The Crocodile River The Boer and the pessimist Game and honey Crocodiles Difficulties in crossing the river MacLean nearly drowned in the rapids I go on alone First sight of De Kaap A labyrinth of dongas I reach Swaziland Baboons On the trail of the prospectors The mystery solved 'Ntshindeen's Kraal Swazi hospitality How I became celebrated A popular show Repairing guns Character of the Swazis Contempt for money and love of salt Prospecting My welcome outstayed A dangerous crisis Return to the Crocodile River The rhinoceros Our bearers decamp We abandon our goods Attacked by fever Terror of partridges Arrival at Mac Mac.

This practice of the wholesale destruction of fish by the use of dynamite has not been stopped a moment too soon; and some time must now elapse in certain waters before they can become properly stocked again. It was now time for me to quit the happy valley, and I bade adieu to my kind friends near Hatszeg. I believe if I had remained to this day, I should not have outstayed my welcome.

Now, as he sat opposite her, it seemed to him that the leaping firelight showed unaccustomed shadows in her cheeks and under her eyes, and that her color was less bright than formerly. Was it merely the result of her care of her baby, he wondered, or was there something more? "I fear we've already outstayed our time here, Mr.

"Joe" got awfully chaffed about her by all of his brother officers of the wardroom whose rank permitted them to take such a liberty with him; and, though we could take no share in their personal amenities, we youngsters grinned our approval of the various witty remarks and rejoinders that passed to and fro on our way back aboard the following day the ball having lasted till long after daybreak the next morning, and Simon's Bay being all astir, with plenty of "Simons," black and white, astir ashore and afloat, as we rowed out to the ship, we having nearly outstayed our leave, the captain and commander preceding us aboard by a long spell.

Indeed, to see him sympathize with an elderly countess whose dog was grievously ill, one could only conclude that he too had placed all his affections upon a canine life. He outstayed the others, and then, holding out his hand to the baroness, said curtly "Good-bye." "Good-bye! What do you mean?" "I am going to Corsica," he explained airily. "But where did you get that idea, mon ami?" "It came.

And in my nervous anxiety to allay any suspicions aroused by my companion's extraordinary behavior, I outstayed even the eminent detective and his friends, saw them examine the Raffles Relics, heard them discuss me under my own nose, and at last was alone with the anemic clerk. I put my hand in my pocket, and measured him with a sidelong eye.