With a last feeble flicker the lamp shot up and went out, and the ashen wash of daybreak seemed the fit medium for the crude ugliness of life. Towering almost grotesquely in the pallid dawn, Christopher came and leaned above the sofa to which Will had dragged himself again. "You must get out of this," he said, "and quickly, for we've wasted the whole night wrangling. Have you any money?"

"You'll lick them, of course," said Tom; "but I should think they had enough of fighting on the Alma." "I am not so certain of that," was the answer; "the Russians are brave fellows, and they would like to drive us into the sea if they could." After spending some time with his friends, Jack returned on board, having arranged to start at daybreak the next morning.

Don't leave him, and poll him your-self. I am going off to Solomon Lacey's. He has got four Millbankites cooped up very drunk, and I want to get them quietly into the country before daybreak. 'Tis polling-day!

By daybreak, she was at work with an axe in her hand. I knew it, before ever I came to this place, in her memoirs. I felt, as sure as if I had read it, that when day broke, we should find Kate hard at work. Thimble or axe, trousers or raft, all one to her. The Captain, though true to his duty, seems to have desponded. He gave no help towards the raft.

But what is the object, may I ask, of your prowling about the house with this poor little girl at this hour of night?" "Why, what time is it? I thought by my feelings it must have been daybreak long enough ago." It was Abner's private opinion that Polly would do well to think less of her "feelings" now and always; but he only said, consulting his watch,

To do him justice, he is no coward; he has not shrunk from giving me his address, nor will he shrink from the atonement I demand. I shall wait below while you arrange our meeting at daybreak for to-morrow." Danvers was astonished and even appalled by the discovery made to him. There was something so unusual and strange in the whole affair.

"And now," said he, "Henry, my son, you may testify, with a safe conscience, that you saw me burning Latin sermons the last time I was here before I went away to London; and it will be daybreak directly, and I must be away before Lockwood is stirring." "Will not Lockwood let you out, sir?" Esmond asked. Holt laughed; he was never more gay or good-humored than when in the midst of action or danger.

The next morning at daybreak, Mr Gale whose watch it was at the time roused me up, and sent me to tell the captain that there was a strange sail on the starboard-bow, which seemed inclined to cross our fore-foot. The captain was soon on deck and examining the stranger with his glass. "Well, what do you make of her, Mr Gale?" he asked.

The storm subsided toward daybreak, and I dozed gradually to sleep with a sense of obligation to Lem Hackett for going to eternal suffering in that abrupt way, and thus preventing a far more dreadful disaster my own loss.

But as the moon did not show that night, and the sky was clouded, and as we knew not whereabouts we were, it did not seem to us a prudent thing to make for the shore, as several of us advised, saying we ought to run ourselves ashore even if it were on rocks and far from any habitation, for in this way we should be relieved from the apprehensions we naturally felt of the prowling vessels of the Tetuan corsairs, who leave Barbary at nightfall and are on the Spanish coast by daybreak, where they commonly take some prize, and then go home to sleep in their own houses.