Now, we are ready to do all we can towards stimulating the living of the Christ-life among all souls in the Universe when it can be so arranged: but it will take aeons of time on some planets, and many decades on yours before we can scientifically teach you.

"Have you proposed a separation between us?" she asked. "Yes on terms of the utmost advantage to my son; arranged with every possible consideration toward you. Is there any objection on your side?" "Oh, Lady Holchester! is it necessary to ask me? What does he say?" "He has refused." "Refused!" "Yes," said Geoffrey. "I don't go back from my word; I stick to what I said this morning.

I arranged books and papers in the morning, and went to Court after breakfast, where, as Sir Robert Dundas and I had the whole business to discharge, I remained till two or three. Then visited Cadell, and transacted some pecuniary matters.

Pike; and as they drew up on the sandy tract where Sereno had previously arranged a place for their tents, she added, almost fretfully, turning to Hattie, "I dunno what's come over your father. There's the water, an' he won't even cast his eyes at it." But Hattie understood her father, by some intuition of love, though not of likeness. "Don't you bother him, ma," she said.

He had been attracted by a girl of whom his father approved and who was well-bred, pretty, and rich. Dick imagined that his father's views were agreeable to Helen's relatives and that she was not ignorant of this. Still, nothing had been actually arranged, and although he admired Helen, it would be time enough to think of marriage when he was a captain, for instance.

When for any reason the eye is to be habitually directed to a single point, as to the opening of a gate or window, to an altar, a throne, a stage, or a fireplace, there will be violence and distraction caused by the tendency to look aside in the recurring necessity of looking forward, if the object is not so arranged that the tensions of eye are balanced, and the centre of gravity of vision lies in the point which one is obliged to keep in sight.

The buildings, which were arranged to hold one hundred and fifty prisoners, now that there were four hundred and fifty inside, were so crowded that the prisoners could not all get into the rooms, but filled the passage, too. Some were sitting or lying on the floor, some were going out with empty teapots, or bringing them back filled with boiling water. Among the latter was Taras.

"You shall not leave the room or your bed. That is arranged for." "How?" demanded Henri with interest. "Because I have hidden away your trousers." Henri laughed, but he sobered quickly. "If you wish me to be happy," he said, "take away that American photograph. But first, please to bring it here." Jean brought it, holding it gingerly between his thumb and forefinger.

The Emperor hastily seized the tablet which Sabina held out to him, and as he attentively examined the forecasts, arranged in order according to the hours, he said: "Quite right. That of course did not escape me! Well done, exactly the same as my own observations but here stay here comes the third hour, at the beginning of which I was interrupted. Eternal gods! what have we here?"

Our factory systems, on the other hand, go to the other extreme, being so arranged that the majority of workers gain marvelous dexterity, and acquire a dizzying rate of speed, while they are apt to lose in both resourcefulness and versatility.