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But to fly thus some fifty of them from the approach of less than a score was to confess unworthiness of a better fate than that of which their seigneurs rendered themselves the instruments. Himself he could do no more than the single shot in his pistol would allow.

He does not look a day over fifty, and is very well preserved even at that; but his boyishness of manner is quite gone: he now has complete authority and self-possession: in fact the President is a little afraid of him; and it seems quite natural and inevitable that he should speak fast. THE ARCHBISHOP. Good day, Mr President. BURGE-LUBIN. Good day, Mr Archbishop. Be seated.

This eminent success has not been the result of speculation, or of luck, but the legitimate end of his own hands and brain. Neither can it be said he has had no reverses. At one time the failure of railroad companies left him, not only penniless, but fifty thousand dollars in debt. With an indomitable will he determined to liquidate that debt, and how well he succeeded need not be told. Mr.

"And this house had been her home for more than fifty years." "Everything needs replacing," Lady Iniscrone grumbled, with a disparaging look around. "Those curtains and carpets " "Your Lordship will, I am sure, feel that, in making some little provision for Miss Gray, you will be doing what Lady Anne wished and intended to do," Mr. Buckton said earnestly, turning from the lady to her husband.

Now a short piece of this open fifty yards or so, perhaps was visible from the lower end of the field, where Hobson and David were still coquetting with each other. Johnny tried to skulk over this open ground. He might as well have sought to evade the eyes of Argus. The long-sighted bird caught the very first glint of his cap. Insult and mealies were alike unavailing now.

But imagine one of these owners, the master say of some fifty slaves, together with his family and property and slaves, carried off by a god into the wilderness, where there are no freemen to help him will he not be in an agony of fear lest he and his wife and children should be put to death by his slaves? Yes, he said, he will be in the utmost fear.

Cantinet was left in charge, with a provision of fifty francs paid out of the money that they found. The justice of the peace looked out; there Schmucke stood in the courtyard looking up at the windows for the last time. "You have found a man of butter," remarked the justice. "Yes," said Fraisier, "yes. The thing is as good as done.

But less than half an hour brought them to the spot which Bill Harney had in mind a grand and wild place, where the mountain appeared to split in two for a distance of several hundred feet. Here there was a gorge fifty or sixty feet deep, partly choked with small scrub cedars. "There's the hole," said Harney, advancing into the gorge and pointing with his hand.

If I had, they'd only have taken offence and put their own price on it. I suggested fifty Daler." "Ho. Fifty, you said? Not a hundred?" The Lensmand puckered his brow and thought a moment. "As far as I recollect it was fifty. Yes...." "And where will you be going, now?" asked Isak. "Over to Vesterbotten, to my wife's people." "'Tis none so easy that way at this time of year." "I'll manage.

Some forty colleges were in existence by the end of the fourteenth century and had increased to fifty by the end of the fifteenth; in the seventeenth, Evelyn gives their number as sixty-five. In Félibien's time some had disappeared, for in his map forty-four colleges only are marked. Nearly the whole of these colleges clustered around the slopes of Mont St.